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25 Perfect Pergola Decorating Ideas To Try In Your BackYard

Pergola Decorating Ideas To Try In Your BackYard

Pergolas are elegant outdoor structures that can transform your backyard into a stunning, shaded retreat. Not only can pergolas offer comfortable spots to unwind and appreciate nature, but they also present many decorating possibilities to personalize and improve any space. Finding the best pergola decorating ideas could make all the difference when creating an appealing addition to your home’s aesthetics and functionality.

Decorating a pergola can take many forms, from selecting materials and seating arrangements to choosing plants, lighting and ambience that matches its theme or style. From rustic to traditional or modern decor schemes, there will surely be a pergola decorating idea that meets your aesthetic – so consider carefully which elements best meet your lifestyle to build one that enhances atmosphere and usability in your outdoor space.

Difference Between Gazebo, Pergola & Pavilion

Gazebo vs Pergola vs Pavilion

Gazebos, pergolas and pavilions are three outdoor structures that can add beauty and functionality to your outdoor space. Here are their differences:


Gazebos are freestanding outdoor structures featuring roofs and open sides, typically in circular or octagonal shapes, usually used to host wedding ceremonies, events or as seating areas for outdoor weddings and other outdoor functions.

Gazebos can be made of wood, metal or vinyl materials and customized according to individual requirements for seating areas or wedding backdrops.


A pergola is an outdoor structure featuring an open roof and vertical posts or pillars to provide shade.

These structures can often create shaded areas for seating or dining outdoors. We are given more detail on this outdoor pergola decor ideas list.

Pergolas come in various materials, including wood, metal and vinyl, that can be customized to fit your needs.


Pavilions are freestanding outdoor structures with open sides that often support climbing plants such as vines or flowers. They are helpful as support structures during events, seating areas, or kitchen/bar spaces. Usually, they’re found as seating areas in parks.

Pavilions come in all sorts of materials wood, metal and vinyl and can be customized to suit your needs. Typically they are more significant than pergolas and gazebos and can seat more comfortably.

As a general guideline, gazebos are significant outdoor event structures; pergolas can create shaded areas; pavilions offer larger structures that may serve multiple functions the choice between these structures depends on what best meets your needs and preferences.

25 Perfect Pergola Decorating Ideas To Try

Here are the the decorating ideas for a pergola on your backyard that need bit of refrshment and calmness.

Pergola Decorating ideas

1. String lights:

Hang string lights for an intimate and inviting environment, perfect for outdoor gatherings and special events. String lights add an air of magic and create a personal and friendly setting – ideal for making the right ambience at your pergola! One of the best option to Pergola Decorating Ideas To Try in your backyard.

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2. Climbing Plants:

Add greenery and shade with climbing plants such as ivy, wisteria climbing roses by planting climbing plants such as ivy, wisteria or climbing roses on your pergola. Not only do climbing plants provide a natural shade, but they can also add beauty and elegance to any outdoor space.

3. Outdoor curtains:

Add outdoor curtains for an intimate and private space in your pergola. Pull back or close them for breeze control or maximum privacy as desired. Using this Pergola Decorating Ideas and improve the backyard.

4. Add colour and texture:

Adding colour and texture to your pergola by layering outdoor rugs for added colour and warmth. Outdoor rugs make spaces feel cozier while adding a comforting texture that makes the environment inviting.

5. Furniture:

Add comfortable seating options such as sofas, chairs, or swings for relaxing or entertaining in your pergola. Choose durable weather-resistant options when selecting seating solutions.

6. Fire Pit:

Add a fire pit for a cozy and welcoming ambience in your pergola. One of the best gazebo decorating ideas are a fire pit provides an ideal way to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and can be a convenient place for roasting marshmallows on cold evenings or simply staying warm!

7. Hanging plants:

To add visual interest, hang plants such as ferns, succulents or air plants. Hanging plants also add an organic and natural feel that perfectly complements your pergola’s aesthetic.

8. Water Feature:

Add a water feature, such as a fountain or small pond, to create a relaxing and tranquil space in your pergola. The soothing sound of running water will provide an instantaneous calming atmosphere.

9. Outdoor Artwork:

Add an artistic touch and personalize the space by hanging outdoor artwork such as sculptures, wall art or wind chimes to give your pergola its personality and visual interest. Art is also a great way of personalizing it further!

10. Shade Sails:

Install shade sails to provide shade without planting climbing plants, which is an efficient and economical method of delivering needed cover without needing to plant anything. Shade sails offer the ideal way to achieve shade without planting climbing vines!

11. Outdoor blinds:

Install outdoor blinds to create an adaptable and flexible outdoor environment. Outdoor blinds can be adjusted to provide shade or privacy or block wind and rain altogether. It is a worth a investment and best point on our pergola shade ideas.

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12. Solar-Powered Fountain:

Add a solar-powered fountain for an environmentally-friendly water feature that doesn’t rely on electricity. These unique water features offer plenty of opportunities for creativity.

13. Lanterns add elegance and sophistication:

Hang lanterns to bring soft lighting for an inviting ambience in your pergola area. Which can improve your environment and one of the best Pergola Decorating Ideas To Try.

14. Vertical Garden:

Create a vertical garden to add greenery and visual interest. A vertical garden is an effective way of adding lushness without taking up too much room while also becoming an eye-catching feature of any pergola.

15. Outdoor Chandelier:

To create a luxurious and stylish atmosphere in your pergola, add an outdoor chandelier. Chandeliers that are weatherproof are an excellent way to add style and functionality. When selecting one for purchase, always choose something weather-resistant.

16. Outdoor Shower:

Make your pergola truly refreshing by installing an outdoor shower to create a unique and refreshing space. Aside from being an excellent way to cool off during hot summer days, an outdoor shower creates a memorable and unique space in your pergola.

17. Bird Feeders:

Add bird feeders to your pergola to attract birds and create a peaceful and natural atmosphere. Bird feeders effectively draw in wildlife while creating an intimate and tranquil space for relaxation and contemplation.

18. Outdoor Fan:

Add an outdoor fan to create a calm, refreshing environment in your pergola and keep insects away. Not only is an outdoor fan great at cooling things off quickly and refreshing your area, but they are also effective at deterring bugs!

19. Outdoor Kitchen:

Add an outdoor kitchen for functional and entertaining space in your pergola. An outdoor kitchen allows users to quickly cook and entertain while outdoors.

20. Outdoor Bar:

Add an outdoor bar for fun and social spaces in your pergola. An outdoor bar adds character and makes serving drinks and snacks easier during outdoor gatherings.

21. Hammock:

Add a hammock for an effortless relaxation experience and provide your pergola with an engaging seating option that offers something different! A hammock offers the ideal way to make this transformational space truly welcoming, as well as providing unique seating arrangements.

22. Outdoor Barbeque:

No products found.

Add an outdoor barbeque to create an exciting and social area! An outdoor barbeque is an easy and cost-effective way to bring people together while simultaneously cooking and entertaining outdoors.

23. Outdoor Movie Screen:

Add an outdoor movie screen for an enjoyable and engaging outdoor entertainment space. Outdoor movie screens allow guests to experience movies without leaving your backyard!

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24. Outdoor Sound System:

One of the least know Pergola Decorating Ideas in our list, you can make the party even more lively by adding an outdoor sound system! An outdoor sound system makes creating an entertaining and fun atmosphere easy; not to mention playing music and entertaining your guests with it!

25. Outdoor Bookshelf:

Add an outdoor bookshelf for a cozy reading nook. An outdoor bookshelf adds personality and style to the space while making reading time enjoyable!

Here Are Some Tips on Hiring a Pergola Professional to Decorate Your Backyard

Hiring a Pergola Professional

Before hiring a pergola professional, conduct thorough research into their reputation and experience by gathering testimonials from former clients.

1. Consider their credentials:

When hiring a pergola professional, ensure they are licensed, insured and certified so you know they have all the skills needed to safely and efficiently complete their task.

2. Referrals from Past Clients:

Before hiring any pergola contractor, ask for references from past clients for their work quality and professionalism. This will give an indication of the work quality and professionalism.

3. Gather Quotes from Multiple Pergola Professionals:

When seeking quotes for pergola installation services, obtain multiple estimates to ensure an equitable price. Be sure that each quote covers materials, labour costs and any additional costs related to the job.

Before signing any contract, review it closely to ensure it addresses all aspects of the job, such as timelines, payment schedules and warranties.

4. Communication is key:

Make sure the pergola professional stays in contact with you throughout the project, keeping you up-to-date on its progress and any potential issues that may arise. This way, they’ll stay informed on what’s being accomplished and any unexpected hurdles they encounter.

5. Assemble their Portfolio:

Request that the pergola professional show you their portfolio to understand their style and the quality of their work. This will give you a good indication of their work style and the craftsmanship involved.

6. Ask about permits:

It is essential that your pergola professional be aware of any permits needed for your job and can manage the permit application process on your behalf.

7. Consider Their Experience:

When hiring a pergola professional, make sure they possess experience building pergolas so they have all the skills and expertise to complete the task correctly.

8. Trust Your Instincts:

If something isn’t right, trust your instincts and find another pergola professional. Ideally, working with someone that makes you comfortable is crucial to ensure a job well done!


Your pergola provides the ideal venue for creating unforgettable memories with those you care about, no matter the event. From romantic sunset dinners and intimate gatherings to lively parties and festive holiday gatherings, its adaptable features can transform to suit any mood or occasion.

Decorations like twinkling lights, charming lanterns, lush grapevines, and relaxing wind chimes can help create an enthralling and magical ambience for any special event or family occasion. Soft furnishings or hanging fabrics may also help your guests and family feel relaxed and at home during your gathering.

Decorating your pergola offers endless creative opportunities, allowing your imagination to run wild in crafting a space that speaks volumes about who you are and your style and personality. Don’t be intimidated to express yourself; make this space where memories will be created over time.

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