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How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit? – Steps and Do and Don’t Guide

Having your fire pit outdoors is nothing less than an extraneous blessing. We cannot ask for more to the beauty of our courtyard if there is a stunning eye-catching fire pit somewhere in the center. Pit fires are the best source to enjoy nature to its full. So we will discuss How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit without any hassle and protect it for the long term.

 If you aren’t having a fire pit in your outdoors then just imagine the time of little breeze touching your skin in the winters, covered in the blanket you are sitting alone near the fire pit enjoying your extra-large cup of coffee. Or the scene of having a classic musical time with your family and friends on the full moon near the pit fire.

There are lots of us who dream to have a fire pit in their outdoors but despite having a proper courtyard there is this question that always makes one cancel the plan that how to build an outdoor fire pit. Building a fire could be a little time taking and handy but this could bring some unforgettable changes to life one always wishes for.

What You Will Learn from this Guide:

  1. Why you need an outdoor fire pit?
  2. How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit?
  3. Tools and Materials need to build Outdoor Firepit
  4. Do’s and Don’ts while building an Outdoor Fire Pit
  5. Conclusion

Why you need an outdoor fire pit?

Fire pits can be a tremendous source of socialization and engagement along with a perfect sitting area that can add more to the attraction of your house. 

No focal point could be better than a fire pit because it provides a tension-relieving atmosphere that is a need of everyone’s day.

How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit

Nowadays families don’t get much time to spare for their loved ones. Fire pits can provide a real cozy environment that can be an excitingly beautiful source to relax after a tiresome day.

Just to look from the lighter side, Fire pits can be a reason for the family to spend some time with one another after managing some quality time out of their tight schedule.

How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit?

1. Plan a location and layout:

How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit

At times, it could be a little confusing to decide the right place for the fire pit in your outdoors. The location shouldn’t be near something that could probably catch fire. The ground level should also be taken into consideration.

The water source should be looked at deeply because it is quite important otherwise the entire hard work could be ruined. There should not be any solid structure or any water source within the range of 15-20 feet of the fire pit.  This ensures a secure environment and will make your mind free from the fact that you are sitting on open land and at least there isn’t anything nearby to get hurt.

3. Build An Outdoor Fire Pit

How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit

1. Decide the size:

The size of the fire pit differs per the size of the courtyard. A shovel edge can be used to mark the outer circle. A ring container can be placed in the center of the circle to figure out the exact size of the fire pit.

2. Make a hole:

By placing the ring container outside for the moment, dig a hole by keeping it on the ground level. This could be very crucial from the safety perspective. The hole should be at least seven to eight-inch deeper.

3. Lining with sand and concrete:

Line up the hole with sand and concrete with a depth of at least one to two inches. Then there needs further leveling up of sand to the proper level as this will set up the foundation of the whole building.

4. Metal ring:

After the leveling of sand, a base row must be established, and then we need to place the metal ring inside the blocks of the base row.

5. Insertion of bricks:

The next step is the insertion of bricks around the bottom of the fire pit. Bricks should be placed as low as possible to cover up the entire area properly. There must be some space left between the bricks and the base row blocks. And they must be covered up. To cover up spaces pea gravel can be used.

6. Placing of blocks and rows:

The final step includes the placing of all the remaining blocks as well as the rows. The outer blocks should be at a considerable height so the fire could not affect anyone sitting nearby.

And then finally the pit fire will be available for you to light up and construct beautiful scenery.

3. Tools and Materials need for Building an Outdoor Fire Pit

Certain tools are specifically used to construct a safe and guarded fire pit. Their tools include

  • Shovel                                                            
  • Grinder
  • Trowel                                                           
  • Spirit Level
  • Hand temper                                                  
  • Hammer
  • Level                                                              
  • Rake
  • Block or pavers                                              
  • Measurement Tape
  • Base row bricks                                             
  • Safety Gear

The materials that are needed to create a perfect looking fire pit includes the following items of good enough quality:

  • Concrete                                                         
  • Spray Paint
  • Construction adhesives                                  
  • Strings
  • Fire bricks of Clay (will be used by making the mixture with concrete)
  • Gravel
  • Rocks (lava rocks)

Portable Outdoor Fire Pit Set

Do’s and Don’ts of Building a fire pit on Outdoor:

Firstly we will discuss the matters that should be done while building a fire pit:

How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit5

1. Do put your investment in the safety gear:

Safety gears include grill gloves that should be used while holding the rod as it can get hot while adjusting the woods in the fire pit. A fire extinguisher is also very important in case of any emergency. A fire extinguisher is something that should not be ignored at any cost.

A fire retardant sheet should be used to ensure that the fire stays within the limits and no one gets hurts if the fire gets high or out of control.

2. Do consider the installation of a steel ring:

Installation of steel rings should be done in the innermost lining of the fire pit. It can be extremely useful for so many purposes especially from the protection point of you. The material of the fire pit will remain comparatively fresh and will not be dried out easily as steel will provide an un-combustible lining.

In this way, the fire pit will stay integrated and the structure can also be maintained for a longer time.

3. Do consider different building options for the fire pit:

Normally we aren’t aware of the multiple ranges of options that are available nowadays in the market for building a fire pit. Options include the in-ground fire pits, tabletop fire pits, and on-ground fire pits, etc. One always wants their fire pit to be of one perfect design so do explore all your options before you decide to build one.

Now let’s have a look at the don’ts about a fire pit:

4. Don’t leave an unattended fire:

Leaving a fire unattended is always dangerous. A fire can catch up anything, anywhere anytime. So one always needs to be careful enough especially if there are kids in the house. Kids are more vulnerable to catching up in such situations.

A fire should not be left unattended as this will cause the wastage of woods and the danger will always be a part of the play.

5. Don’t compromise on the material:

How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit

The manufacturing material is a fire pit should be considered with great care. Saving money could result in devastating results. Nothing could be more valuable than lives.

Do proper research before buying the manufacturing materials. There are so many ways available online to learn how to check the quality of materials on natural stone or river rocks. This will help one to build a long-lasting and strong enough fire in the outdoors.

6. Don’t think of building a fire pit with approval:

Approval is necessary from the concerned authorities to have a fire pit in the outdoors. The material that is to be used for building the fire pit and the size of the fire pit could be the concern of local authorities and the neighbors.

Along with that, certain rules and regulations need to be followed while building a fire pit in your courtyard. So one should not be thinking of establishing a pit fire without proper approval.


Nowadays there are so many different ways available to build a fire pit but the main purpose should be to ensure the safety of your land and loved ones. Quality material should be used to prolong the sustainability of the fire pit and living in this modern world one should always use these unique ideas to look their fire pit more interesting and attractive to everyone.

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