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Best Outdoor Electric Fireplaces In 2024: Types and Install Guide

Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

There’s no denying the benefits of spending time outdoors for physical and mental wellbeing, yet many are reluctant to spend time outside when temperatures become chilly or wet. The best outdoor electric fireplaces can offer the ideal way to continue appreciating your garden or patio all year round!

Outdoor electric fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes; selecting one to suit you requires careful consideration of dimensions, style, fuel source and cost. When you find one you love, you can take full advantage of spending time outside even on less-than-ideal days and enjoy all its benefits even then!

Electric fireplaces make an excellent addition to any home and offer numerous advantages. From providing an instant heat source and saving on heating bill costs to being safe from fire risks, electric fireplaces provide multiple benefits anyone should enjoy!

List the Benefits of Outdoor Fireplaces

  • Enhances outdoor ambience
  • It provides warmth on cool evenings.
  • Increases home value
  • Ideal for entertaining and social gatherings
  • It can be used for cooking or grilling.
  • Creates a focal point in outdoor living spaces
  • It offers a relaxing atmosphere for unwinding.

Types of Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

outdoor Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces come in various styles and sizes to complement multiple outdoor areas. Here are four of the most commonly-sought outdoor electric fireplace models:

  1. Freestanding electric fireplaces offer convenience to outdoor space dwellers looking for easy-move options, from traditional to contemporary designs. They typically consist of cast iron or steel construction with various styles available, ranging from modern to modern.
  2. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces make an eye-catching statement in any outdoor living space, often larger than freestanding models and easily mounted at any height.
  3. Recessed electric fireplaces offer an easy solution for creating cosy outdoor seating arrangements. These fireplaces can be seamlessly installed into walls with either stone or brick lining for optimal use in creating a cosy ambience and intimate outdoor environments.
  4. Tabletop electric fireplaces provide the ambience of a fire without taking up too much room in their living spaces. Being lightweight, tabletop fireplaces make moving them easy around.

Best Outdoor Electric Fireplaces With Good Reviews

1. Touchstone 80028 Sideline Electric Fireplace

Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace is an industry favourite, featuring sleek and modern styling to fit into any outdoor living area. Boasting realistic flame effects and multiple heat settings for optimal heat management, the Touchstone Sideline electric fireplace creates an inviting ambience in any outdoor setting.

Touchstone Smart Electric Fireplace-The Sideline® 28 Inch Wide-in Wall Recessed-30 Realistic Ember Color/Flame Options-1500W Heater w/Thermostat-Black-Log & Crystal Hearth Options -Alexa/WiFi Enabled
  • APPEARANCE: The Sideline electric fireplace is designed for recessed in-wall mounting. Creating a cozy atmosphere of a traditional fireplace, this electronic fireplace has realistic flames with a real fire look. The Sideline’s 5 flame settings radiate a soft ember glow up to an intense blaze. Sideline gives you the total package. Control the heat and flame with the remote control. Designed to use one log or crystals, if you prefer you can mix both safely.
  • INSTALLATION: This Sideline installs simply and can safely be attached to framing studs. The sides and back of the unit remain cool to the touch with the heat feature on. Recommended minimum of 8” of space between the top of the fireplace and your TV, mantel, picture, or ceiling. The Sideline can be installed in existing fireplace openings safely. Consult with a licensed professional to ensure your unused gas lines and vents are secured properly. The Sideline fireplace is ventless.
  • OPERATION: The Sideline’s heater will take the edge off a cool room or basement, and it can be run with no heat (just flames) in warmer climates. The Sideline comes with a 6-foot power cord for a 110-120V outlet. The unit draws a max of 11 amps, so the fireplace can be used on a 15-amp circuit. A 20-amp circuit may be necessary, depending on the use of other electronics on that same electric circuit.
  • FEATURES: The Sideline features an unmatched flame. Friends will be nervous to touch realistic flame behind the glass. The Sideline includes faux-fire logs and crystals to create an authentic feel, as well as an IR remote controlling flame color and intensity, the heater and shut-off timer. Front facing heater vents allow you to position the Sideline just 8” under a flat screen TV.


  • Installing a 50-inch fireplace is straightforward with the included instructions, making the job simpler for homeowners who can do it themselves without too much trouble or effort.
  • The realistic flame behind the glass is created using faux-fire logs and crystals that can be controlled using an infrared remote heater functions, and a shutoff timer.
  • Heater vents are in the front, making positioning this Sideline just 8″ under flat screen television easier.
  • The Sideline can be hardwired or connected via a plug to your electricity source.

2. PuraFlame Alice 48 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace

PuraFlame Alice Electric Fireplace provides a large viewing area and features realistic flame effects with adjustable temperature settings to provide warmth and ambience on cooler evenings. These electric fireplaces are outdoor friendly and easy to install and maintain.

PuraFlame Alice 50 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace, Flush Mounted for 2 X 6 Stud, Log Set & Crystal, 1500W Heater, Remote Control, Black
1,898 Reviews
PuraFlame Alice 50 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace, Flush Mounted for 2 X 6 Stud, Log Set & Crystal, 1500W Heater, Remote Control, Black
  • DIMENSION: Overall dimension (including glass): 50” Width x 20 1/4” Height x 5 29/32” Depth, firebox dimension (without glass): 42 13/16” W x 18 1/32” H x 5 11/16” D. For more information, please see “Specification sheet” in “Technical Specification” section below
  • INSTALLATION: In-wall recessed installation ONLY, CANNOT be hanged on the wall or freestanding, a perfect fit for 2 x 6" wall. Two electrical connections: Plug-in or Hard-wiring. Just plug in 110V outlet and enjoy
  • REALISTIC FLAME EFFECT: Ultra High Intensity LED lights provide very bright and realistic flame effect. Two options for ember bed: Log set or crystal stones to suit your need. Total 4 different flame settings cater to your desired ambience (1. Yellow with a little bit blue low brightness 2. All yellow brightness 3. Yellow with a little bit blue brightness 4. All blue brightness). The flame effect can be operated with or without heat for year-round ambience
  • HEATER: Upper front heater blower (heat outlet at the middle top and air inlets beside the outlet). Two heat settings (high 1500W and low 750W) put out reasonable heat, but CANNOT be used as a main heat source. The thermostat can control the room temperature to suit the user's preference. The countdown timer can be set to turn off the fireplace from 30 minutes to 9 hours

Features of This Product:

  • It measures (with glass included) 50″ across, 20 1/4 inches tall, 5 29/32 inches deep and has an approximate firebox dimension (without glass) of 42 13/16″, Width by 18 13/16″, Heigh” by 5 11/16″.
  • This product provides two electrical connections – plug-in or hardwiring. Simply connect it to any 110V outlet and enjoy!
  • LEDs produce an extremely vivid and realistic flame effect.
  • Totalling four settings to fit any desired atmosphere (1. Yellow with some low brightness blue haze; 2. All yellow brightness 3)

3. FLAME&SHADE Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Are you searching for an electric wall-mounted fireplace to bring style and warmth into your home? Look no further! The FLAME&SHADE wall-mounted electric fireplace will add style and warmth for years with easy setup and operation.

FLAME&SHADE Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace, 34-Inch Wide Flat Screen, Freestanding or Hanging Portable Room Heater with Remote
  • AUTHENTIC BURNING LOGS with LED flame effects and adjustable brightness levels capture all the charm of a wood-burning fire even without the heat
  • REMOTE CONTROL with timer and thermostat functions, this fire-place provides supplemental heat for any small space up to 400ft²
  • LOW NOISE 750w or 1500w fan-forced heat produces the required warmth to keep you snug, while leaving the cabinet material cool to the touch
  • THERMAL SHUT OFF automatically renders the unit safe in the event of overheating ensuring the safety of your home & family


  • Our realistic LED flame effects and adjustable brightness levels capture all the charm and beauty of a wood-burning fire without all its heat.
  • With remote control and timer/thermostat functionality, this fireplace provides heating to any small space of up to 400 ft2.
  • Low noise 750w and 1500w fan-forced heat produces sufficient warmth while leaving cabinet material cool to the touch.
  • Thermal shutdowns provide extra safety against overheating of units.

4. Xbeauty Electric Fireplace

The Xbeauty 36″ Electric Fireplace is an effective way to add warmth and atmosphere to any space in your home. Boasting an authentic flame effect which works even without heat, this electric fireplace allows you to experience the look of an authentic fire without turning up the thermostat! Complete with remote control for effortless operation and one-year warranty protection – what could go wrong!?

Xbeauty 34 Inch Electric Fireplace Inserts Electric Heater with Remote Control & Timer &3 Colors, Overheating Protection,Touch Screen,750W/1500W
  • 【Brand New Design】 The electric fireplace has been modified by the designer to give it a more stylish appearance, the interior layout has also been redesigned to make the electric fireplace thinner, lighter and safer, this electric fireplace inserts size is 34’’W X 26’’H X 6.5’’D .
  • 【Amazing Display Effect】 The flame effect and the wood burning effect have been redesigned so that the light is neither too bright nor too dark, closer to the real flame, fire and log are each of three colors, there are nine combinations available.
  • 【Comfortable Experience】 This product is free to turn on/off heating & flame effect, makes the product more flexible in use. The maximum heating efficiency is 1500W and the minimum heating efficiency is 750W, which is enough to heat a 400ft room, the flame speed can be accelerated or decelerated, making viewing experience more realistic.
  • 【About Product Specification&Installation】 There are two ways to install this product: freestanding or semi recessed in wall. The proposed size of the embedded installation space is 32.99’’-33.62’’W X 25.43’’-25.74’’H X 6.9’’-7.9’’D , product voltage 120VAC, AMPS 12.5, 5100BTU.


  • This electric fireplace fits seamlessly in recessed or semi-recessed wall space or wall mounting applications. Measuring 36″ in width by 18″ in height by 3.86″ in depth, it makes an eye-catching focal point in any living area!
  • Ultra high-intensity LED lights create an image of flames “burning”, with their large display showing that flames slowly emerge from their “source”, only to quickly move towards the top of the fireplace and flash brightly under its heat.
  • Sleek contemporary linear electric fireplace design featuring front air outlet. It can easily fit under the TV (leaving an 8-inch gap). It can also serve as an entertainment centre and bedroom fireplace heater (OvH Protection available), a decorative feature without heat for year-round ambience or a decorative fireplace with Over Heat Protection available (No heat available).
  • Electric fireplaces are convenient, as you can control all their features with just the press of a remote or touch screen button. Plus, any damage or missing parts within one year are covered under warranty; replacement or refund options can usually be offered within one month.

5. Napoleon Purview Wall Hung Electric Fireplace

No matter the season, the Napoleon Purview Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace will add warmth and ambience to any room it enters. Boasting realistic LED log set and ember bed for lifelike fire effects. Three temperature settings enable you to find just the right setting; plus, its remote control makes changing them effortlessly from wherever in the room it sits. Whether looking to add romance for date night or simply appreciate crackling fire effects, Napoleon Purview Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace makes an excellent addition.

Napoleon Purview 60 inch Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - Black, NEFL60HI
  • POWERFUL HEATER: Quickly heat large rooms up to 400 square feet thanks to the robust heat output of 5000 BTU's and 1,500 Watts powering the unit
  • EASY SET UP: Ready to use right out of the box, just hang on the wall and plug it in to a regular 120V outlet
  • SEE THE FIREPLACE, NOT THE FRAME: The black, nearly frameless finish surrounding this modern, linear, electric fireplace creates a minimalist look that doesn't interfere with your décor, instead it enhances the fire aspect of the fireplace
  • REALISTIC FLAME: Art imitates life as the flames of this electric fireplace beautifully mimic the burning of a fire, gradually becoming brighter, modulating while it's on, and slowly going out when turned off


  • Our robust unit, with its 5000 BTU output and 1,500 watts power, will heat any room up to 400 square feet quickly and efficiently, so you’re guaranteed the ideal temperature right away!
  • Simply mount it on a wall and plug it into a regular 120V outlet – an effortless setup process!
  • This contemporary electric fireplace boasts an eye-catching black frameless finish to accentuate its fire feature without disturbing your decor.
  • Control heat output, blower speed, flame colour intensity and timer using either the front touch screen panel or remote included with it.

6. Rintuf Electric Fireplace Heater with Touch Screen & Remote

Rintuf’s electric fireplace specialists specialize in creating an inviting and relaxing experience for their customers during cold winter nights by creating warm environments fueled by high-quality fireplaces that deliver on this promise. Furthermore, Rintuf ensures outstanding customer service to create lasting customer relationships and deliver top-quality electric fireplaces at unbeatably reasonable rates.

Rintuf Electric Fireplace,34" Fireplace Insert with Touch Screen, Quick Heating, Overheating Protection with Timer, Remote, Customed Display: 5 Flame Speed & 5 Color & 5 Brightness, 750/1500W, Black
  • [750/1500W Adjustable Heat Output] Rintuf electric fireplace heater feature 2 heating options (Warm air: 750W, Hot air: 1500W) to provide you with greater control over heat output and temperature, making the room cozy and inviting in winter. With a 5,100 BTU output, the supplemental zone heating of the electric fireplace insert with crackling sound is for up to 400 square feet. This 34 inch wide fireplace insert will have you and your family centering around your new favorite spot!
  • [Well-built & Attractive] Rintuf 34 fireplace insert adds dimension and style to your space. Crafted from metal, engineered woods and glass, this rv fireplace inserts electric heater is freestanding and secure. With an overall dimension of 6 1/2"D x 34"W x 26"H, the fireplace electric heater insert is suitable for many places like living room, bedroom, office, study room, etc. Enjoy the ambiance of a realistic looking fireplace insert electric with the heat and flames to match without the smoke!
  • [Realistic Log Flames & Variable Flame Settings] This recessed electric fireplace inserts has a beautiful artificial log flame that provides a realistic fire feeling and looks good while heating up your space. The ability to change the colour, brightness, and speed of the flames can help you set just the right ambience: 5 flame colors, 5 flame bed colors, 5 flame brightness, and 5 flame speed levels. Let’s enjoy your colorful and warm life with Rintuf freestanding electric tv stand fireplace!
  • [User-friendly Design] Fireplace with remote control (11.5 feet), you can turn your freestanding electric fireplaces on and off or adjust the heat without having to get up from the sofa. This electric fireplace inserts for existing fireplace has a noise level less than 37dB, which can keep the room quiet while proving warmth. When you press the “DIMMER” button for 6s, the fireplace heaters for indoor use will go into sleep mode (all lights off). Let’s have a warm and quiet sleep at night!


  • W X D X H = (32.91-33.62) W X (6.9-7.9) D X (25.43-25.74) H (inches). Overall dimensions of piece = 34W X 6.5D X 24″H.
  • Flame speed, log & frame colour and flame brightness can all be customized according to your desires for creating the ideal atmosphere in any space in the home.
  • Touch Screen LCD Panel & Remote Control enable easier management of a heater.
  • The newly designed flame and wood-burning effects aim to be more realistic, featuring just the right mix of light and dark to create the feel of real flames and wood fires.
  • This electric fireplace insert is perfect for filling an emptiness in an existing fireplace. With both heat-producing modes and non-heating modes available, these electric fire features can simulate the look of a fire without actually producing heat – perfect for those wanting the experience without burning anything themselves!
  • If a device begins to overheat, its overheating protection will activate and stop it to avoid superheating its heaters.

7. Turbro Eternal Flame Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Log Heater

The Turbo Eternal Flame Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Log Heater is an efficient way to heat any space. Utilizing infrared technology, this heater creates a warm and welcoming ambience in any room it enters – and features realistic log designs which add atmosphere and atmosphere to any environment.

TURBRO Eternal Flame 26-Inch Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Log Heater, Realistic Lemonwood Logs, Adjustable Flame Colors, Remote Control, Thermostat, Timer, EF26-LG, 1500W
  • 🔥Upgraded Infrared Heating: With an added infrared quartz tube, this 1500W zone heater can heat up a room more effectively than typical fan-forced heaters. Providing cozy warmth without drying out your skin or the room, which leads to static electricity.
  • 🔥Multiple Flame Effects: Unlike other simple electric log sets, the EF26-LG provides 5 flame options and 5 brightness levels to fit any occasion. The unique 'breathing' mode gently lights the ember bed without a bright, flickering flame that can disturb your sleep.
  • 🔥Eco-Friendly Comfort: Instead of cranking up your furnace thermostat, you can use the Eternal Flame fireplace insert as a cost-effective additional heater to keep you toasty in winter. You can also use the flame-only option to enjoy realistic flames year-round without extra heating.
  • 🔥Easy to Use: No installation is needed, just plug it in and place it anywhere you like. Use the remote control and the simplified control panel to adjust the temperature and flame output while enjoying the perfect ambiance in the room.


  • This 1500W zone heater uses infrared technology to heat a room quickly. Thanks to an infrared quartz tube, its heat output can surpass that of typical fan heaters.
  • Electric log sets like the EF26-LG are a great way to create the ideal look for any occasion – offering five flame options and five brightness levels, which makes choosing your ideal look easy!
  • An Eternal Flame fireplace insert can provide a cost-effective means of staying warm during winter. By utilising your Eternal Flame insert instead of your furnace and saving money with energy costs.
  • No assembly is necessary; plug it in and put it wherever it suits your space! No installation is necessary!
  • The TURBRO Suburbs heater provides a highly efficient and dependable method for warming your home in North America, having received certification by CSA to be used safely in any region.

9. Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace

Duraflame electric infrared quartz fireplace stove offers the experience of a real fire without all of the associated maintenance requirements or hassle. This portable electric fireplace heater is a reasonable budget with a warranty. Boasting realistic flames and powerful infrared heating that will warm any room quickly. Plus, it comes equipped with an optional keep-warm setting!

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Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect, Black
  • 5,200 BTU heater provides supplemental zone heating for up to 1,000 square feet to help you save money
  • Infrared quartz heat helps keep more natural humidity in the air, for comfortable heat without drying out the room’s air
  • Flame effect can be operated with or without heat, for the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire all year long
  • Adjustable, digital thermostat allows you to decide the temperature of your room

Features of Indoor/Outdoor Electric Fireplace:

  • By creating the ultimate cosy environment in any home space, an electric indoor/outdoor fireplace can elevate its ambience and enhance its atmosphere.
  • This 5,200 BTU heater is perfect for providing zone heating in spaces up to 1,000 square feet, helping save on energy costs by heating only the areas you require.
  • This realistic flame effect with glowing logs and an ember bed can be operated with or without heat.
  • Quartz infrared heating helps you achieve comforting warmth without over-drying out your air supply.
  • Metal body construction with durable side viewing windows and an operable door with bevelled glass beveling.

9. Touchstone Sideline Outdoor 50-Inch Electric Fireplace

The Touchstone Sideline electric fireplace makes an attractive statement in any outdoor setting, thanks to its black steel frame and unique blue and orange flame combinations that create stunning visuals. Plus, you can switch up its look with decorative logs and crystals whenever desired!

Touchstone Sideline Indoor/Outdoor Decorative Electric Fireplace -No Heat -GFI Plug for Outdoor Use -50 Inch Wide -in Wall Recessed or Wall Mount -Realistic 3 Color Flame -Log & Crystal -Model 80017
  • OUTDOOR USE WITH GFI PLUG - The Outdoor Sideline is built for outdoor placement, so its got a built in ground fault plug, is water resistant, and is wall mountable. It can be hung on outer walls of siding, brick, stucco or stone. (Please not you should make sure you have any specialty hanging screws or mounts required for hard surfaces.) Please note this unit has no heater.
  • 50 INCHES WIDE - The Outdoor/Indoor Sideline Electric Fireplace has a 50 inch wide design, so its ready to fill the wall of your long patio wall or large outer wall. Its not going to get lost in your outdoor patio or porch.
  • DECORATIVE SLIM DESIGN - This model does not offer heat, so it for outdoor decorative purposes, but includes everything our customers love within the Sidelines design.
  • REALISTIC FLAME - The Outdoor/Indoor Sideline has 3 different flame color settings, and 5 flame levels. So with the blue, orange/red and combined flame, you get 15 potential flame settings.

Features of This Fireplace:

  • Wrought Iron Fireplace Dimensions and Weight are 17.9 inches High by 50 inches Wide by 6 inches Deep, respectively. It weighs 45 lbs in weight.
  • This product can be safely utilized both indoors and outdoors.
  • With three flame colour choices (orange, blue, and blue-orange) and five intensity settings available to you – as well as 15 possible flame settings – there’s sure to be the ideal flame setting for every occasion! You can customize every setting to meet any desired ambience or theme for any special event or celebration!
  • Timer mode offers automatic shutdowns between 30 minutes to 7.5 hours for added peace of mind.

10. ClassicFlame Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace.

If you’re seeking an electric fireplace, insert it with lifelike flames and log set details. Look no further. With easy setup and operation procedures, this plug-in option offers cosy warmth to any room in your home.

ClassicFlame 26" 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Insert Plug and Safer Sensor, Black
  • Patent pending 3D flame effect technology offers a layered flame effect to create a realistic fire with five adjustable brightness and speed settings
  • This insert measures 27 x 8.9 x 17.7 inches
  • The infrared quartz heat helps to maintain the natural humidity in the air, resulting in comfortable heat that doesn't dry out the room's air
  • 5, 200 btu heater provides supplemental zone heating for up to 1, 000 square feet


  • This gear insert measures 27 x 8.9 x 17.7 inches. Using infrared quartz heating elements, the insert helps maintain natural humidity levels within your room for comforting heat that won’t dry it out completely.
  • A 5,200 BTU heater can provide supplemental heating to an area of up to 1,000 square feet – perfect for keeping small rooms or apartments warm and snug! This powerful appliance would keep any area toasty warm.
  • Patenting technology alone does not ensure its success in being implemented into society; for it to indeed be helpful, it must be affordable and reliable.

Factors to Keep in Mind when Selecting an Outdoor Electric Fireplace:

Before buying an outdoor electric fire pit for your home, there are certain considerations you need to keep in mind. Here are seven such considerations which will assist with finding a product tailored perfectly to meet your needs:

  1. Location
    Consider both the physical size and electrical requirements when placing an outdoor electric fireplace, including sufficient room and reliable power source(s).
  2. Size
    Do you require an outdoor electric fireplace of various sizes? Some models can fit on a tabletop, while larger units stand free-standing independently, depending on available space and desired heat output. When deciding, consider your available space, desired heat output level and available heat source.
  3. Style
    An assortment of outdoor electric fireplace styles is available, whether traditional or more contemporary. Consider what will best complement the overall aesthetic of your outdoor area when selecting one.
  4. Fuel Type
    Electric fireplaces can run on electricity or gas fuel sources, though gas-fueled models tend to be more powerful and, therefore, more costly. If you are considering installing one outside, install a gas line beforehand!
  5. Heating Capacity
    How much heat do you want from your outdoor electric fireplace? Some models are intended to supplement existing heat sources, while others can heat an entire room simultaneously. Consider your desired level of heating before selecting an ideal model to meet these demands.
  6. BTUs
    A British Thermal Unit (BTU) indicates heat output; higher BTU ratings correlate to more significant amounts of warmth produced. If you want a model with maximum output, look for units with higher BTU ratings.
  7. Price
    Outdoor electric fireplace prices range widely. Some models can be very budget-conscious, while others can cost thousands more. Consider your needs when making your selection based on budget constraints and requirements.

An outdoor electric fireplace can be ideal for staying toasty warm while taking full advantage of nature. There is an impressive variety of electric fireplace models on the market, so you’re sure to find one suitable for any patio or deck – small or large.

How To Install and Maintain Outdoor Electric Fireplaces?

best Outdoor Electric Fireplaces
  1. Before installation of the electric fire pit/fireplace or maintenance begins, read all instructions thoroughly to avoid electric shock or fire.
  2. Position the electric fireplace on an even, stable surface away from any materials which might combust.
  3. Verify the power cord is undamaged and not exposed to sharp objects that might cut.
  4. Verify the circuit breaker is functioning appropriately and that its output matches the electric fireplace’s energy requirements.
  5. Try not to use extension cords.
  6. Clean your electric fireplace regularly using only dry cloth and without chemicals or abrasives.
  7. Never leave an electric fireplace unattended while it is operating.
  8. Unplugging an electric fireplace before undertaking maintenance or repairs is always advisable.
  9. Keep the electric fireplace in a dry and cool location when not in use.


Outdoor electric fireplaces make an incredible addition to any outdoor living area, offering warmth and ambience without the fuss or muss of traditional fireplaces. No matter if your taste skews contemporary or rustic charm, there will surely be one perfect for you. Here are our 10 top picks for an electric outdoor fireplace to turn your outdoor living area into an inviting and comfortable oasis of cosiness and invitingness!

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