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25 Airbnb Alternatives: An Ultimate Guide for Booking Your Stay

best airbnb alternatives

With today’s evolving travel landscape comes an increased demand for unique accommodations that combine homey comforts with an authentic local experience. As an experienced traveller, you may already be aware of Airbnb – the platform enabling individuals to rent out homes or rooms short-term through this platform. however, there are a growing number of Airbnb alternatives with unique features and benefits worth noting.

Explore 25 fascinating alternatives to Airbnb with this article on alternative accommodation platforms. From budget-friendly stays to luxurious retreats, these platforms cater to various travel preferences and expectations.

By broadening your accommodation search beyond Airbnb, you may discover new and exciting lodging options tailored specifically to your travel needs – so prepare to open up new horizons as you embrace vacation rentals as part of the diverse world of vacation rentals!

Why Consider Airbnb Alternatives? (Pricing Issues, Security Concerns, etc.).

If you are searching for accommodations, Airbnb pricing can often be unpredictable and even higher than other options.

An assortment of Airbnb alternatives offers more competitive rates and special discounts to ensure you receive maximum value for your money. By exploring these alternatives, you can locate affordable accommodations that suit your budget and preferences.Service Fee Concerns

Service Fee Concerns

Airbnb charges both hosts and guests service fees that can make the overall cost unexpectedly high, making this an important consideration when selecting accommodations for extended periods.

Pricing Issues

Alternatives to Airbnb typically charge lower or no service fees, which could save you significant sums over time. By searching for Airbnb alternatives, you may discover platforms with greater transparency of prices and greater savings for your trip.

Cancellation Policies

Airbnb cancellation policies differ depending on the host, so reading and comprehending them before booking is essential. Some hosts impose strict cancellation policies, which may not work in your favour if your travel plans change unexpectedly.

Airbnb alternatives often have more accommodating cancellation policies, meaning if changes need to be made, you’re less likely to find yourself stuck financially if necessary. When considering Airbnb alternatives, ensure their cancellation terms meet your requirements before selecting one for yourself.

20 Best Airbnb Alternatives To Book Your Stay In 2023

1. Booking.com

Booking.com is an acclaimed platform for booking accommodation – hotels, apartments, or unique places of stay – at unbeatably reasonable rates. It offers an expansive inventory of options that will fit the bill for business trips and vacations—one of the best Airbnb alternatives that you can find.

Booking through Booking.com gives you access to an expansive range of accommodations, ranging from luxurious hotels to budget hostels, as well as verified guest reviews that provide insight into the quality of each venue and allow you to make more informed decisions.

It stands out an excellent option with its user-friendly interface, making accommodation search simple based on location, budget, amenities desired and best price guarantees – giving you peace of mind that you’re getting the best possible deals for your reservations.

Booking.com is an efficient and hassle-free solution for finding accommodations. Using this platform, you can see precisely the place that meets your needs and budget requirements.


Vrbo (Vacation Rentals by Owner) is an innovative online platform for booking vacation rental properties directly from their owners. Much like Airbnb, Vrbo provides access to an expansive selection of accommodations that range from cozy cabins to lavish villas.

Vrbo makes finding unique vacation rentals easy at your favourite destinations, with its user-friendly interface making it possible to search based on criteria such as number of bedrooms, pet-friendliness,

Vrbo offers a secure payment system and a two-way review process to provide a positive and safe experience when selecting accommodations. With these tools at your fingertips, making informed decisions is easier than ever!

Why not explore Vrbo for your next vacation rental and discover an unrivalled level of comfort and convenience tailored to your needs?

3. Homestay

Homestay is an increasingly popular alternative to Airbnb that connects travellers with locals willing to share rooms or entire properties with them for an authentic travel experience. Here, guests gain insight into local culture, food and customs.

Best Airbnb Alternatives

Homestay offers one of the most significant advantages:

an intimate experience living with property owners who are typically open to engaging with guests, sharing knowledge, and offering tips and recommendations – creating an enriching and memorable stay experience for you.

Homestay makes booking easy, offering properties tailored to your desired location, budget and accommodation preferences. Once you find an appropriate option, reserve it and communicate with the host to discuss the details of your stay.

Homestay can offer many advantages, including:

* Accessing affordable accommodations

* Receiving personalized care and hospitality from property owners

* Gaining more insight into local life and culture

Homestay provides essential support to local communities and small businesses, so guests must treat hosts and their properties with due care, as they are guests in someone else’s home.

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Be sure to communicate openly and set expectations with them to create a pleasant and successful stay for both parties involved.

4. Agoda Homes:

Agoda is an established online travel agency in Asia that offers various accommodation choices for your trip plans, from hotels to vacation rentals and unique accommodations are ideal conditions. Agoda Homes focuses specifically on providing affordable yet high-quality home rentals for travellers.

Agoda and Agoda Homes are excellent choices when searching for alternative accommodation options. Their user-friendly platform makes navigating easy, while their comprehensive search functionality lets you filter and sort preferences easily.

One advantage of Agoda and Agoda Homes is their wide variety of property offerings available throughout Asia. Thanks to our strong presence there, we offer accommodations that suit every budget and preference, from budget-friendly hostels and villas to serviced apartments and luxury accommodations.

Key features of Agoda and Agoda Homes: [Extensive coverage, particularly in Asia].

* Flexible Payment Methods: Agoda offers various flexible payment options, ensuring they fit your needs and lifestyle. * Customer Support: They offer dedicated team assistance for customer queries or concerns to be resolved quickly.

* Loyalty program: With the rewards program, you can reap cashback benefits on certain bookings! AgodaCash

When planning your travels, Agoda and Agoda Homes offer reliable accommodations at reasonable rates, excellent customer support,t and flexible payment options – providing a user-friendly alternative to Airbnb.

5. Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels are widely revered globally, with more than 7,600 properties worldwide. As an Airbnb alternative, Marriott offers guests traditional hotel experiences featuring amenities and services for an enjoyable stay.

Marriott provides an expansive selection of hotels for any travel budget – from budget options to luxury resorts. Their Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program makes earning and redeeming points simple – ideal for frequent travellers!

Marriott hotels provide consistently high standards and reliable customer service, and booking one will let you experience their exceptional hospitality first-hand on your next travel adventure.

6. Sonder

Sonder offers you an unparalleled blend of accommodations, seamlessly combining home-like comfort with hotel services. Their diverse selection of apartment rentals caters to the needs of all kinds of travellers- business trips, family vacations, or simply discovering a city- ensuring a truly enjoyable stay in one of their upscale properties.

Sonder rentals feature an abundance of amenities that will ensure your stay is memorable and relaxing, from fully furnished living areas to modern kitchens – everything necessary to fulfil your requirements is here!

Some key features you can expect in a Sonder property include:

* Comfortable Beds: Enjoy peaceful, restful sleep on top-quality mattresses and linens provided for restful slumber.

* Fully Equipped Kitchens: Perfect for when you prefer cooking your meals or sipping coffee instead of dining out!

* Laundry facilities: Accessing in-unit or shared laundry facilities makes your stay more convenient. 24/7 support: Should any problems arise during your stay, customer support is always just a phone call or message away.

Sonder is dedicated to providing a clean, safe, and fully-stocked living space. They use a strict sanitization process before and after every booking to ensure a healthy environment during your stay. Furthermore, Sonder Stays offer convenient contactless check-in/check-out processes, making the experience effortless and carefree.

So, when planning your next vacation, look at Sonder’s apartment rentals for an enjoyable lodging experience that offers something different and exceptional.

7. Plum Guide

The Plum Guide provides a carefully curated selection of luxury accommodations for the discriminating traveller. Their expert team meticulously evaluates each property to ensure an unrivalled standard of quality – giving you confidence when booking vacation rentals that match your comfort, style, and sophistication criteria.

Plum Guide’s expansive catalogue boasts chic urban apartments and charming countryside villas, each boasting individual character and charm. To deliver an outstanding vacation experience, they employ a rigorous vetting process that assesses aspects like design, location and amenities – ensuring that every investment will pay off! So rest easy knowing your holiday will more than makeup for itself.

Plum Guide’s user-friendly platform makes finding and booking a vacation rental effortless, while their responsive customer service team are on hand to answer any queries or address concerns to ensure a hassle-free booking experience. Which makes one of the best Airbnb alternatives on our list.

Plum Guide will unquestionably meet your luxury travel requirements and deliver a memorable stay experience.

8. Hello Landing

Hello Landing should be included among your Airbnb alternatives when looking for longer stays or relocation purposes. With its flexible and fully furnished apartments tailored specifically for each tenant’s requirements, Hello Landing provides the ideal accommodation solution – not to mention the user-friendliness and trustworthiness of its platform.

Hello Landing operates in over 200 US cities, giving you peace of mind knowing help is always close by and an extensive range of property options to fit any budget and preference. Some key features of Hello Landing include:

* Instant Booking: Book a fully furnished apartment within minutes, while membership offers access to all properties and perks at a low monthly cost.

* Flexible Lease Terms: At Hello Landing, our flexible lease terms give you the space you need, whether it be for one month or one year.

Searching for sites similar to Airbnb can be time consuming and daunting, but Hello Landing makes finding your ideal accommodation simple with its straightforward approach and tailored options. Give it a try now to experience its advantage over other Airbnb alternatives!

9. Cozycozy

Cozycozy can provide an affordable alternative to Airbnb by providing a range of accommodations from hotels, hostels, apartments and boats – suitable for every traveller’s taste!

sites like airbnb

Cozycozy has an intuitive user interface, making searching quick and simple. Filter search results by price, type of accommodation and amenities to quickly identify what best meets your needs.

Cozycozy makes travelling easier by offering transparent pricing systems that make comparing options easier while making informed decisions easier. Our platform displays all costs associated with an activity or purchase, including taxes and fees, making comparison much simpler.

Cozycozy offers an intuitive website and a mobile app designed for iOS and Android devices so you can search and book accommodation while moving.

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By choosing Cozycozy as your accommodation platform, you can quickly discover unique accommodations tailored to your preferences and budget. As a hassle-free alternative to sites like Airbnb, Cozycozy is an excellent choice for planning your next journey.

10. Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy is an amazing platform for those who relish camping adventure, camping trips, outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor adventure and exploring nature. Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace that connects RV owners with travellers looking to rent them. As such, Outdoorsy provides travellers with a diverse selection of motorhomes, camper vans, and travel trailers suitable for every budget and preference and also provide reliable energy solutions and energy efficiency.

Outdoorsy is known for providing extensive insurance coverage. Renters and owners alike benefit from comprehensive liability protection during their camping trip. In addition, 24/7 roadside assistance offers peace of mind while travelling, knowing help is always just a phone call away should any issues arise. To get your next adventure underway with Outdoorsy:

1. Search their website for available RVs near your desired location.

2. Submit a reservation request and any additional services you might require (e.g., cleaning, generator use).

3. Coordinate key pickup with the owner and become acquainted with your rental.

Outdoorsy provides a safe and reliable platform for renting RVs, thanks to their stringent background and driving record checks for renters. Their user-friendly website and mobile camping apps make finding and booking an RV suitable to your needs quick and effortless, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience and maximum effectiveness in outdoor environments while exploring nature!

11. Hipcamp

Hipcamp offers an immersive outdoor experience, providing access to hiking, fishing and kayaking activities. Airbnb listings may offer amenities like kitchen facilities, WiFi or laundry and array of devices/electronic devices.

Hipcamp is an alternative to Airbnb and other outdoor accommodations in the United States, whereas Airbnb features listings globally.

Overall, both platforms provide accommodation solutions to travellers; Airbnb is focused on indoor accommodations with more amenities, while Hipcamp provides a more immersive outdoor experience and camping experience in the US.

12. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a social networking platform that connects travellers with local hosts who offer free accommodation. Here are some features of Couchsurfing:

Couchsurfing matches travellers with hosts offering free accommodation – such as couches, spare rooms or entire apartments.

Social Networking: Couchsurfing provides users with a social networking platform to meet other travellers and locals in their destination city. This platform allows you to create profiles, share travel stories and connect with other Couchsurfing members.

Couchsurfing hosts and travellers can organize or attend local events, such as dinners, parties and cultural festivals through Couchsurfing – providing the ideal way to meet fellow travellers and locals while learning more about local culture.

Couchsurfing’s Verification System: Couchsurfing offers a verification system that allows users to quickly and securely verify their identities and establish trust among other users. Verification can include email, phone, payment, or all three.

Couchsurfing also offers its users various safety features, such as user reviews and references, a messaging system and a 24/7 Trust and Safety team with experts to monitor suspicious activities or behaviours. Users may report any such suspicious activity.

Couchsurfing provides a unique and cost-effective way for travellers to experience new cultures while connecting with locals around the globe.

13. HomeAway

HomeAway is an online vacation rental marketplace that connects property owners with travellers worldwide who can book vacation homes, apartments and other rental properties listed by HomeAway property owners. Travellers can search their accommodations by location – beach houses and mountain cabins can all be found there!

airbnb alternatives

HomeAway offers features tailored to both property owners and travellers, such as:

Search and Booking: Travelers can search properties based on location, dates, and other criteria before directly booking them through the platform.

Payment and Security: HomeAway offers secure payment processing and protection to property owners and travellers, along with 24/7 customer service support teams to facilitate all their needs.

Reviews and Ratings: Travellers and property owners can leave reviews and ratings to build trust and transparency during rental.

HomeAway offers a mobile app designed to simplify life for property owners and travellers. Staying in touch and managing bookings easily while out and about has never been simpler!

HomeAway provides an efficient and trustworthy platform that makes renting out vacation properties simple, while travellers can book unique and cost-effective accommodations during their travels.

14. FlipKey

FlipKey, part of TripAdvisor Rentals, was established in 2007 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Offering beach houses, cabins, condos, cottages, vacation homes, and villas as rentals is among its vast inventory. So, which makes it a good alternative to Airbnb.

FlipKey currently boasts more than 300,000 rentals in 11,000+ cities globally, while Airbnb boasts over 1,200,000 listings in 34,000+ cities and 190+ countries globally.

GovOS published another article that compares and contrasts these platforms for property owners. They pointed out FlipKey had more stringent verification procedures for hosts and properties, helping build trust with potential renters.

TurnKey Vacation Rentals, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a full-service vacation rental property management company offering luxurious homes across America.

Vacasa, another vacation rental management platform, acquired TurnKey Vacation Rental Management Platform.

15. Blueground

Blueground offers fully furnished and equipped apartments to rent on an on-demand basis for stays of at least a month in major cities worldwide, including New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Dubai and Istanbul.

Blueground apartments, including utilities, Portable power station, WiFi access, and cleaning services, are move-in ready. In addition, their flexible lease terms enable renters to extend their stay as needed while allowing them to move between buildings or neighbourhoods as desired.

Blueground strives to offer its guests an effortless rental experience.

16. Third Home Luxury

Third Home is a global home exchange club connecting homeowners with luxurious vacation properties around the globe. Their website shows Third Home provides an exclusive home-sharing community dedicated to luxurious destinations and experiences.

Exchange has thousands of worldwide residences available for exchange, including homes, villas, resorts, yachts and castles. Many travellers choose this option as an Airbnb alternative when they want an awesome experience.

Third Home carefully verifies each member and property they partner with against their global criteria, with more time invested, resulting in more Keys earned towards future stays. Third Home’s mission is to offer its members an unforgettable travel experience.

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17. Getaway House

Getaway House, founded in 2015, specializes in offering tiny cabin vacation rentals at various locations across the US.

Getaway House provides cabins to help guests unplug from technology and reconnect with nature. Each remote cabin boasts full kitchens, private trails, fire pits and pet-friendly options.

Getaway House cabins can be rented for as little as one night, enabling visitors to choose between various East Coast, Midwest and West Coast locations within the United States. Each experience Getaway House provides aims to offer its guests an unforgettable vacation experience.

18. Top Villas

Top Villas is a premier vacation rental service providing high-end villas, vacation homes and condos in popular destinations all around the globe.

Best Airbnb Alternatives

Top Villas owns and manages over 4,000 properties among 50 destinations in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Offering luxurious amenities such as private pools, beachfront locations and concierge services.

Top Villas provides each guest with a personal travel advisor to assist them in planning the ideal vacation rental experience. Their goal is to deliver seamless and luxurious accommodations.

20. Vacasa

Vacasa is a vacation rental management company offering properties across popular travel destinations around the globe.

Vacasa operates over 30,000 vacation rental homes across 400 destinations worldwide, spanning North America, Europe, Central and South America, and Africa.

Vacasa provides rental properties ranging from cozy cabins to luxurious villas, offering private pools, beachfront locations and pet-friendly options. Their vacation rental management services cover marketing and distribution, property care maintenance, guest relations/support, and revenue management – for an all-in-one solution!

They aim to deliver an effortless experience for property owners and guests.

21. 9Flasts

9Flasts is an online platform providing apartment and vacation rental listings across cities worldwide.

9flats claims they offer over 6 million homes for rent across 190 countries, including apartments, villas and vacation homes. They are sites like Airbnb but cheaper in cost overall.

9flats allows travellers to book directly with property owners at lower prices than traditional hotels, using their search filters to help find their ideal rental property. 9flats strives to offer unique and personalized vacation rental experiences to its guests.

22. HomeExchange

HomeExchange is an online platform that matches travellers with homeowners interested in swapping their homes for vacation stays.

HomeExchange currently lists over 400,000 properties available for exchange in more than 187 countries around the globe, offering homeowners an easy and free platform to list their homes for swapping. Users can then search other listings to find suitable exchange partners.

HomeExchange provides various search filters to assist travellers in locating the perfect home for them, including location, amenities and property type.

They also offer various membership options, from free trial memberships to paid subscriptions with additional features.

HomeExchange strives to offer its members an unforgettable and cost-effective vacation experience.

23. Trusted Housesitters

Trusted Housesitters provides an array of features designed to assist homeowners and house/pet sitters alike, with users being able to search by location, date range, and other criteria for house sits/sitters.

TrustedHousesitters ensures all members’ identities are verified to provide a secure and trustworthy community and offers 24-hour customer support for users with any queries or issues they might face.

TrustedHousesitters provides multiple membership options, from a free trial membership to paid memberships with additional features.

TrustedHousesitters aims to offer their members reliable and cost-effective house/pet-sitting solutions with reliable power sources.

24. HomeToGo

HomeToGo is an online platform that enables users to search and compare vacation rental properties from providers around the globe.

HomeToGo boasts over 18 million vacation rental listings in 200+ countries worldwide, such as apartments, villas, cabins and houses.

And it allows users to search properties based on location, dates and other criteria and provides search filters that help users easily find their ideal rental property.

They also provide a mobile app for quick searching and booking on the go, making it one of the best alternatives to Airbnb that you should try out.

25. Wander

Wander is a vacation rental company offering luxurious homes accommodating workcation travellers and tech enthusiasts.

sites like airbnb

Wander owns all homes on its platform, equipped with ultrafast WiFi speeds, state-of-the-art workstations, smart home technology, solar panels and Tesla cars with eco friendly power source.

These homes can be found worldwide – in America, Europe and Asia.

Wander aims to offer its guests an enjoyable workcation experience in beautiful settings while simultaneously providing opportunities for work and play.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Airbnb alternatives provide you with plenty of choices. These platforms cater to travellers and property owners by offering rental options in over 190 countries.

Booking.com is an industry leader specialising in hotel bookings and home rentals. Offering properties worldwide and filtering according to preferences and budget, VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) is another popular platform offering short-term stays such as homes, apartments and condos from property owners for short-term stays in scenic locales. It boasts a presence across multiple countries with user-friendly listings that make up its easy interface experience – perfect if you travel.

Homestay offers an unforgettable cultural experience by connecting you with local families offering spare bedrooms in their homes. Not only is this platform accommodating most countries worldwide, but it also gives guests an intimate opportunity to experience and understand local customs first-hand.

Ecobnb is your go-to platform for eco-friendly accommodation options in several countries worldwide, providing everything from bed and breakfasts to vacation rentals that offer green alternatives that contribute positively to our planet and also plant growth.

Luxury Retreats (now owned by Airbnb) offers luxury travellers an upscale selection of villas and luxury accommodations worldwide. Enjoy premium amenities while indulging in stylish yet sophisticated properties offered by this platform.

Your choices for Airbnb alternatives are vast, providing something suitable to every preference and budget. From short-term rentals, unique cultural experiences, luxurious properties or global options for you to discover – something available worldwide on these platforms offers something just right.

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