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30 Best Outdoor Activities For Toddlers To Help Creativity and Learning

When our children grow up and start adopting and learning the things around them it should be evident to us to encourage our little ones to find their interests in the world by discovering fun outdoor activities for toddlers and grow as energetic kids. That’s how they’ll start asking the questions to you and they will eventually start finding more clues to their answers in this entirely new world.

Messing up the things most of the time doesn’t look good to the adults. They can get frustrated in no time. They want the things to be aligned and clean unlike toddlers as they want to try everything new by discovering that thing to its full. And that actually how real learning starts once you find the best activity for kids. Trying the new things and discovering on your own

Toddlers are always up for something. Every day you will find some out of the ordinary happening in your house. This could be a glass break or a water spill or even you can find your child sitting in some corner of your room discovering something new to his/her nature. When you find them doing such cute little things in your house you should know that they are not your kids anymore. Now they cannot be abandoned indoors. They want exposure to the outer world and it is time to introduce them to the fun part outdoors.

Types of Outdoor Activities For Toddlers:

Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

To tackle the naughty toddlers, parents always look for ways to entertain their little adventurers in some better and safe way with these best fun activities. They always look for new activities and here we can provide you with different types of ideas for the best outdoor activities for kids:

  • Outdoor activities related to nature
  • Outdoor activities related to art
  • Outdoor activities related to craftwork
  • Outdoor activities related to sensory play
  • Outdoor activities related to games

All these different types of activities can engage your preschoolers in the right direction as these activities will be their fun part and the process of learning as well. These activities will positively supercharge them and they will spend most of their daytime learning and growing. This will make physically strong mentally active.

List of best outdoor activities for toddlers:

Here we have the list of these outdoor activities that can be proved to beneficial and amazingly interesting for toddlers.

This list includes:

1) Fun Nature Activities for Kids

1. Magic garden in the tub:

Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

It is a simple and easy activity to perform especially when you have a beautiful garden full of flowers in your outdoors. All you need is to provide a tub to the kids and they will be making a concoction that will be full of wonderful colors. This will help them a great deal to learn about gardening. One of the best outdoor activities for toddlers to try. They will randomly pick plants and flowers from their garden and plant them in their tub to make a potion garden. It could be time taking but learning will be great.

2. Flowery nature cuffs:

For this activity, all you need is useless toilet paper rolls or some similar cardboard, scissors clear type, and a knife. Kids can’t do it alone parents have to be with them in this. Now all you need to do is to cut the toilet paper cardboard rolls about the size of your kid’s wrist just like the handcuffs and there you will provide your little ones with the brush paints and flowers to decorate them.

3. Nature collage preparation:

To prepare the nature collage the requirements are adhesives (normally used glue by the kids will do the business), few flowers along with bits and bots that will provide you the look of a garden, and a painter’s tape. So just grab white cardboard, and paste it on a wooden block with the help of painter’s tape, and then just paste all you have from nature on it.

4. Flower rainbow Board:

Our nature is blessed with flowers of many different colors and gathering them all in one place can be outdoor fun for kids. A rainbow has seven colors in it, preschoolers will collect flowers of seven different colors on cardboard and make them look like a rainbow. Such activities can be proved to be very healthy from a mental health perspective.

5. Organic Gardening:

Organic Gardening can be one of the best outdoor activities for toddlers and in this fashion, parents can spend more time with their kids. Spray water with a small garden hose you can find in the store. They can teach them how to take care of a living body and how to nourish it. It’s not just that you are teaching your preschoolers to plant a seed in the ground it’s an entire science that can be the trendsetter for your kids in the future. 

6. Painted Rocks:

In our garden or outdoors we often find so many useless stones and rocks. But they can be utilized by the preschoolers for enhancing their painting skills this summer break. They will also find the lesson of how to make this useful around them. These well-painted rocks first need to wash properly to avoid any sort of allergies to the kids and painting these painted rocks can be placed indoors as a decoration piece. You can also use spray bottles.

2) Fun Outdoor Art Ideas

7. Painting on the cardboard:

Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

Painting on cardboard is a common outdoor activity for toddlers. By providing the little ones with their canvas, they can draw their dreams and the way they look at the world that is quite new to them at such a small age. By providing kids with cardboard and paintbrushes indoors can be messy that’s why painting on cardboard can be one of the best outdoor activities for kids.

8. Murals of nature:

Murals of nature is a simple activity in which a hardboard is decorated with different ingredients of our environment that make you feel close to nature. In the activity, toddlers require hard cardboard where they have to put it all like different flowers and leaves, stones and soil, etc.  This activity can make them learn various aspects of nature.

9. The art of Walk Chalk:

It is an exciting artwork by using chalk. Parents need to help out their toddlers in this outdoor activity by creating a maze for them with the help of chalk. Kids always have so many toys in their collection like racing cars, trucks, and other vehicles that can be used to play in this maze. Such outdoor activities for toddlers can enhance the critical thinking skills of our kids.

10. The Small Town art:

It is a classic art of building a small town just like we see nowadays in different video games. A lot of material is required. A bunch of kids will together make this art project. They all will bring their toys like cars, trucks, small houses, stuffed animals, little plants, and a lot of soil. This art project will teach them to work in coordination.

11. Bubble cupcakes:

It can a lovely activity for preschoolers. The materials required for this activity include water, bubble baths along with electric whisks. Bubble baths will be of the color of choice that will give the color of cupcakes. Equal parts of water and bubble baths are added to make it look real to have a wonderful artistic experience.

12. The Dandelion Wish:

Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

It is a sweet and cute art project. The materials required for this project include few markers of different colors, hard cardboard, and dandelions. With the help of different markers, a face is drawn on the cardboard, and dandelions are placed on the head as hairs and this will make an exciting portrait. This one of the best outdoor activities for toddlers to try.

3) Fun Outdoor Crafts for Kids

13. Parachutes of paper:

Most of the time our kids see so many different things on televisions that they want to experience including car racing, bike riding, and sky diving, etc. But due to their small size and age, they can’t fancy their chances. So they use different toys or craft out their way to have fun and this also adds more to their creativity. For example, they often make these paper parachutes b just taping string on each corner of the paper and then knotting all the strings to one top end and the paper parachute is ready.

14. Birdhouse:

Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

Toddlers always find this soft corner in their hearts to help birds and animals and they love doing such activities as providing them with water and shelter etc.  So parents can enhance the recreational skills of their kids by asking them to make birdhouses. The material required by the kids includes hard cardboard, little pitchers, glue, and food for the birds.

15. Paper Planes:

Paper plane is one of the traditional and old crafting work that every kid likes to do. Not much effort or material is required to make paper planes for this summer months. The kid just needs and a single piece of paper and to learn how to use it. By making these paper planes and flying them can be a real mood booster for the kids.

16. Soap Crafty Craving:

It is one of the summer holiday outdoor activities for preschoolers. The material required for this interesting craft includes a bar of soaps, crafting sticks, and sharp knives (under adult supervision). Preschoolers will be provided with sharp wooden sticks made up of craft sticks. Kids will use these wooden knives to craft different shapes on the soap. This will encourage their crafting and creative skills.

17. Fairy House:

The fairy house is craftwork that most likely to be done by little girls. They create this house full of little utensils and small furniture for their fairy queen that could be a Barbie doll or Cinderella etc. Boys also like to accompany them in setting up the entire scene. This task could be time-consuming because they want everything in their fairy houses for their dolls. 

4) Sensory Activities for Toddlers

18. Camp setting activity:

Setting up a camp can be fun. You don’t need much material to set up a camp. You can add as many things around as possible. It all depends on your imagination. You much your kids are imaginative and how much different they can think through. So this can be a real healthy activity that just gives themselves a ground or a backyard and let their ideas add up the spice.

19. Water cup Racing:

Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

In this play, kids have to run a different race. The materials required for this race include a water table bucket, plastic cups, and lots of water. So the play is that the kids have to fill each of their plastic cups with water till the edges and they have to run to the end of the racing point where the bucket has been placed. The cup of water needs to be full. Make sure the bucket of water will not be slipped out. One who will reach the ending point without spilling the water in the cup and pour it first in the bucket will win the race.

20. The egg and spoon:

We all are aware of egg and spoon play but there is also a junior version to it that might be found interesting by the kids and their parents. The materials are the same that includes some cold water along with the balloons. Such make the play more interesting by setting up a relay in the garden and all you have to do is to wait for the prey to get in the trap.

21. Bubble blows:

Now kids do have access to these different guns in the market that can make those cute bubbles for them. But what if they run short of their ammunition. What if their water bubble blow guns get empty? That’s when the play starts when you will allow those kids to make their bubble material by themselves and this could make them excitingly happy and confident in a sense that they can do things on their own. This water balloon is also one of the fun activities they can do. The more they play and can learn to blow gigantic bubble easily,

22. Bear Hunting:

It is one of the famous outdoor activities for toddlers. In this play, Kids need to use all their toys. One must have an outdoor backyard to play this hunt. So all the members in the play hide their different toys in different places in the backyard and then they give different clues to the one who has to find them.

23. Building of a fort:

Building a fort can learning for preschoolers. As it requires a fair bit of effort and patience. Nowadays building a fort is quite easy. Kids now have access to different gadgets from where they can get to the internet and just saw a video and follow the steps. To build a fort in your garden or backyard the list of things that will be required includes different sticks, branches of plants, maybe some glue and you can make a fort out of them.

5) Classic Outdoor Games for Kids

24. Hide and seek:

It is the same old traditional game that has been played by all of us and now it is getting popular among our kids as well. This game never fails to keep the kids busy. It doesn’t require any sort of material. It is a kind of scavenger hunt but a little easy one. All you need to do is to hide from the one main player who will be in search of you. Over time, some interesting changes have been made by everyone but the essence of the game remains the same.

25. Tennis Balloons:

Tennis balloons include different balloons than we usually encounter. These balloons carry thick walls and do not get burst easily. That’s why these balloons can be used for different outdoor games by preschoolers. These balloons bounce like tennis balls and they are lighter in weight. Kids are often fond of playing with tennis balls but that can hurt them. These tennis balloons can be used as an alternative in many outdoor games.

26. Backyard Obstacles:

Backyard obstacles consist of a bunch of different games that can be played in the backyard and kids will be loving it as they will thinking of coming to a trouble zone and they have to get out of it. Different games that kids will be experiencing include bug hunt, baseball game, crawling, riding, jumping balancing, sliding and throwing, etc. The material required will not that much difficult to obtain like bicycles, baskets, bowling sets, storage bin, basketball net and many more. We can make different obstacles using all these materials.

27. Water Gun Race:

Water gun race can be a fun game outdoors. Preschoolers enjoy those little guns filled with water to be used against each other in their little battles. They run all around the ground chasing each other and aiming to shoot with water guns and making fun out of it. All they need is an open ground to run and those water guns for shooting their targets. This is one of the best activity for toddlers to try in the central park area. 

28. The Can Stilts Game:

It is quite an amazing game that will keep on adding more to the interest of kids though it requires quite an effort and parents have to work it along with the kids. In this game, the kids have to walk on the cans with the strings tied to them and the other end of the strings will be in their hands to balance them out. This can make a good race.

29. Bouncing Bubbles:

You often heard of this game where you provide homemade transparent bubbles that are strong enough that kids can bounce them on the ground and can be used to play different outdoor games. Keep bubble mixture is safe to use level. Catching is one of the best outdoor games that can be played with the help of bouncing bubbles. While preparing these bouncing bubbles in the kitchen glycerin should not be used for the strength of bouncing bubbles because it isn’t safe for the kids.

30. The game of Sack Race:

Sack Race is another old traditional played game. Nowadays, it is also played in schools and colleges. All you require for this game is a pillowcase or old sack bag and strength in your legs. It’s a race in which all the kids have to get into their sack and then they have to run to the winning point. This game is quite some fun.

Tips for Outdoor Safety for Kids:

Here we have certain outdoor activities for toddlers tips that need to be followed to ensure the safety of kids playing outdoors:

  • Always keep an eye on the kids that they should not be consuming anything found in the backyard or garden.
  • Kids are often allergic to different bugs and flies outdoors so therefore there should be regular sprays outdoors.
  • Always keep your kid hydrated while playing outdoors.
  • Always keep an eye on the weather, so the kids remain safe from seasonal coughs and fevers.
  • Always keep your door closed so the kids could not cross the boundary of the house while playing outdoors.
  • Kids should be wearing proper equipment while playing outdoors to ensure safety.
  • Kids should be wearing different sunblocks while playing outdoors during the daytime.
  • Always keep an eye on the kids and never let them out of your sight.


Kids should not be kept indoors because letting them play outdoors in a safe environment will enhance their learning and they will become more creative and strong both mentally and physically. Preschoolers can be sharp due to these outdoor activities and can score better in different manners of life if they will be allowed exposure to the world in the early stage of their lives.

outdoor activities for toddlers are an essential part of their upbringing and this is something that cannot be ignored by the parents.

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