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50 Best Digital Nomad Visa Countries In 2024 : Places to Live for Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad Visa Countries

Finding legal countries where you can work remotely and live can be challenging, yet over 50 digital nomad visa countries now provide visas specifically for digital nomads, making living and working abroad much simpler.

These visas were specifically created for remote workers who can work from any location, enabling them to legally work and reside in a country for 6-12 months. You may even bring along family members.

Visa requirements differ by country. In general, however, you will be required to provide evidence of income, health insurance, and an unblemished criminal background. Some countries also require specific skill sets or that you work for an outside company before being considered for one of their digital nomad visas. This article will explore these available programs and explain how to apply.

Understanding Digital Nomad Visas:

Digital Nomad Visas provide travellers with great flexibility; however, applying one can present some unique challenges. Below are a few key points to keep in mind when applying and using it:

Visa Requirements

Every nation imposes different criteria when applying for a digital nomad visa, from proof of income/savings requirements to registration of work/business activities. Therefore, it’s vital that before making your application, you conduct research into each nation’s specific criteria to meet them successfully.

Length of Stay

Digital nomad visas typically last three months to one year and must either be extended or reapplied for after expiration. Therefore, it’s wise to plan for denied extension applications or their validity expiring before your planned departure date arrives.

Digital nomad visas come at a cost, including visa fees and expenses like health insurance or proof of accommodation requirements in certain countries or refundable deposits in others. When planning your journey, your budget must consider all these expenses.

Living and working abroad can be challenging without speaking the local language and culture, which may create cultural differences or language barriers for you, along with differences in work hours/time zones that might alter your schedule; make friends quickly! Do your research before leaving on any trip abroad!

Internet and Infrastructure

Working remotely requires having access to reliable Internet connectivity and Infrastructure, such as coworking spaces or cafes offering Wi-Fi connectivity; many countries provide these amenities – though some may provide less robust environments or Internet connections than others. Digital nomad travellers should perform thorough research before selecting travel destinations.

Digital nomad visas present incredible opportunities to combine work and travel, yet potential obstacles must be understood early. By conducting extensive research and planning ahead, digital nomad experiences can be maximized for maximum enjoyment.

List of Digital Nomad Visa Countries

Are You Searching for Remote Working Space as a Digital Nomad? Don’t Worry! Many countries around the globe provide digital nomad visas, which enable individuals to stay and live there for extended periods, making working and living environments accessible and flexible for digital nomads. Here is a selection of these countries:

1. Estonia

digital nomad visa countries

Estonia provides an exceptional visa program called the Estonia Digital Nomad Visa that permits digital nomads to live and work for up to one year, provided they fulfil several criteria. To be eligible, applicants must meet several conditions:

  • Be able to provide proof of health insurance and have an income stable enough for health insurance;
  • have no criminal convictions and are willing to work remotely
  • Paying an application fee of 100 euros
  • As well as being willing to submit evidence of accommodation for consideration.
  • Submit an online application form with all required documentation, such as passport photos, copies of passports and proof of income.

An Estonia digital nomad visa grants its holders permission to live and work there for up to 12 months, giving enough time for travelling between work sites.

For more info : E-resident.gov.ee

2. Barbados

Welcome Stamp is a visa program which permits digital nomads to reside and work remotely for up to one year in Barbados while meeting specific residency standards as detailed here:

  • Possess and Maintain an Existing Passport AND Health Insurance
  • Submit Proof of Employment/Self Employment.
  • Submit an Individual Application Fee of USD 2,000 per family or $ 300 each as an Individual. Submit a Family Submit Online Application form as soon as all documents needed can be uploaded.

Welcome Stamps are granted upon approval and allow holders to live and work remotely in Barbados for up to 12 months at a time; when their stay ends, they may be renewed annually.

For more info: visitbarbados.org

3. Bermuda

Bermuda digital visa

The Bermuda Remote Work Visa offers digital nomads an opportunity to live and work remotely for up to one year by meeting certain requirements to apply. Applicants must adhere to specific standards when making an application – for more details click here:

  • Be at least 18 years of age. 
  • Hold health insurance
  • Prove they possess adequate means for support during their stay in Bermuda
  • Demonstrate they can support themselves without working there
  • Pay an application fee of USD 263

A Remote Work Visa permits its holder to live and work remotely in Bermuda for one or two years; renewal can be obtained as necessary.

For more info: gov.bm

4. Croatia

Croatia recently unveiled an innovative digital nomad visa program designed to entice remote workers and entrepreneurs to relocate for up to one year and work remotely from companies outside Croatia for that length of time – without necessarily returning home afterwards (their permit could even run out before having to return again!).

Digital nomads who obtain this permit have access to remote work for companies located outside Croatia without returning after its time has expired!

  • Present their valid passport
  • Secure health insurance
  • Show evidence of employment/self-employment outside Croatia
  • Prove that they possess sufficient resources outside Croatia

As well as fulfilling these criteria, applicants must present evidence of residence within Croatia and submit a criminal background check from their home country.

Croatia offers digital nomad visa holders the opportunity to live and work remotely for one year; renewal will occur upon its expiration.

Through this program, Croatia hopes that skilled workers will be attracted while stimulating economic development, further positioning Croatia as an appealing location for digital nomads.

For more info: mup.gov.hr

5. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic offers digital nomad visas for up to one year while working remotely for companies outside of Czechia.

Applying for a digital nomad visa in the Czech Republic means fulfilling all applicable criteria and fulfilling requirements in full.

  • Have a valid passport
  • Prove they possess health insurance
  • Establish sufficient resources outside the Czech Republic as support
  • Furthermore, demonstrate they can support themselves even without working there

As part of their application, applicants must also present evidence of criminal history from their home country and proof of residence within the Czech Republic.

For more info: Mzv.cz

6. Costa Rica

Digital nomads considering Costa Rica may find its picturesque beaches, tropical climate, and welcoming locals an appealing option.

Costa Rica’s Digital Nomad Visa Program is easy and user-friendly – all it requires to apply is a valid passport and proof of income, with applications processed quickly online within days and renewed every two years for $270 renewal fees – perfect for digital nomads looking for freedom!

Costa Rica provides digital nomads with ideal working conditions. Due to low costs of living and readily available accommodations at reasonable rates, coworking spaces and cafes offer ideal spaces to conduct their daily business.

At the same time, mild temperatures allow plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures and recreation.

For more info: Visitcostarica

7. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is an esteemed Caribbean tourist destination known for its white sand beaches, luxurious resorts, duty-free shopping opportunities and innovative digital nomad visa program.

Antigua and Barbuda is well known for its tropical climate and low crime rate. Furthermore, living costs here are relatively affordable compared to other Caribbean Islands. Coworking spaces and coliving arrangements enable digital nomads to find community.

  • 1. Possessing a valid passport
  • 2. Acquiring health insurance
  • 3. Proving their ability to support themselves on Antigua and Barbuda
  • 4. Demonstrating employment/self-employment outside Antigua and Barbuda or having enough resources without working locally
  • 5. Pay the application fee (1,500 USD for individuals or USD 2,000 for families) 6. Complete and submit an online application form along with supporting documentation

Antigua and Barbuda offer digital nomads a cost-effective, convenient home base.

For more info: Antigua-barbuda.com

8. Anguilla

Anguilla, a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, has quickly emerged as an excellent digital nomad destination. Famed for its beautiful beaches, luxury resorts and friendly locals

Anguilla makes an excellent digital nomad getaway!

Anguilla visas can be easily secured online; all necessary to receive approval are passports from nations not requiring visas and proof that sufficient funds exist for supporting themselves during their time on Anguilla.

Once approved for a visa, applicants will receive a digital nomad ID card allowing easy entry and exit and discounts such as accommodation savings and car rental discounts.

For more info: Anguilla Visa

9. Aruba

Aruba provides digital nomads with an exceptional quality of life. Offering one of the safest nations worldwide and boasting outstanding internet access and tax-friendly regulations, Aruba makes for the ideal digital nomad destination!

Digital nomads who choose Aruba will experience its rich culture and lifestyle while enjoying its breathtaking natural splendour.

  • Have a valid passport
  • Secure health insurance 3. Demonstrate they have enough funds available outside Aruba. 
  • Prove employment/self-employment approval form
  • Pay an application fee of USD 300.
  • Complete and submit an online application form and all required documentation.

Aruba Digital Nomad Visa allows its holder to live and work remotely for up to 90 days at any one time; upon its expiration, it can be extended to another 90 days. Arubans hope this program will attract talented digital nomads while simultaneously strengthening Aruba as an attractive location.

For more info: VisitAruba

10. Bahamas

digital visa for nomads

The Bahamas for Digital Nomads As an attractive location, the Bahamas provides many advantages that make it attractive for digital nomads. First and foremost, visa requirements are straightforward without sponsorship; applying online yields up to 90-day visa stays, which last an entire year!

  • Possess a valid passport
  • Secure health insurance
  • Secure sufficient funds for their support while living in the Bahamas
  • Establish employment or self-employment outside the country as proof or provide evidence they have sufficient means of making ends meet without working locally

The Bahamas provides relatively competitively-priced living costs compared to popular digital nomad destinations like Europe or North America; its tropical weather draws people in from all around, while its beaches entice digital nomads every year.

Consider these factors when relocating as a digital nomad to the Bahamas.

  • Internet speeds in the Bahamas may be unpredictable and unreliable, creating frustration while working online.
  • Finding other digital nomads with similar ideals as community support could prove challenging.

Overall, The Bahamas provides digital nomads with an economical and easily reachable location with stunning weather and beaches – ideal for digital nomads looking for their next digital nomad experience!

For more info: Bahamas.gov.bs

11. Belize

Belize in Central America offers digital nomads a wealth of activities to enjoy, from relaxing on its beautiful beaches to exploring Mayan ruins and jungles; plus, its friendly locals provide an authentically laid-back atmosphere!

Belize provides an attractive digital nomad visa option for those wishing to live and work in tropical conditions. It enables easy travel, a relaxing lifestyle, and plenty of activities to keep digital nomads occupied during their time abroad.

Applicants must meet three criteria to be eligible for the Belize digital nomad visa. They include having:

  • A valid passport
  • Health insurance
  • Sufficient means of support during their time in Belize
  • Provide evidence of employment or self-employment outside Belize or sufficient funds to sustain themselves without working there;
  • Pay an application fee of USD 50 (EUR46); and
  • Submit their online application form with all required documents and supporting evidence.

As part of their application, applicants must also present an original criminal background check from their home country and proof of accommodations in Belize.

For more info: Belize visa

12. Seychelles

Digital nomads have flocked to Seychelles since their digital nomad visa program launched in 2016. And it’s easy to see why: with its pink-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and laidback atmosphere – Seychelles provides the ideal setting to work remotely.

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Notably, Seychelles offers an inviting environment for digital nomads. In addition to providing one-year visas specifically targeted at digital nomads, its government has created an informative website providing guidance for living and working as digital nomads in Seychelles.

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Possess valid health insurance
  • Prove they have sufficient means outside Seychelles (employment/self-employment outside, or possess sufficient means without working within Bermuda )
  • Present a clean criminal history.
  • Submit the application fee of USD 45
  • Submit an application online along with all required documents.

Applicant must meet all of the above requirements and present a criminal background check from their home country and proof of accommodation in Seychelles.

For more info: Seychelles Visa

13. Bulgaria

Benefits of Digital Nomadism in Bulgaria include its low living expenses – typically 30%-40% cheaper than in Western European countries and its fast and straightforward visa application process for digital nomads.

Bulgaria remains relatively unknown to tourists, providing ample opportunities to meet locals and learn more about its culture.

To be eligible to apply for the Bulgaria digital nomad visa, applicants must fulfil certain requirements:

  • Have a valid passport
  • Obtain health insurance
  • Rely upon means available outside Bulgaria as sources of support
  • Provide proof of employment/self-employment situation/or have sufficient funds to sustain themselves without needing work in Bulgaria
  • Pay an application fee of 360 BGN (USD 220).
  • Fill out and submit an online application form and all necessary documents.

In their application, candidates must present evidence of an international criminal background check from their home country and proof of housing arrangements in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria, like any country, does have its share of drawbacks. One is its subpar Infrastructure compared to others – making travelling and accommodation search more challenging than usual. But if one can look past such minor inconveniences, Bulgaria could provide the ideal base location for digital nomads.

For more info: VisitBulgaria

14. Cayman Islands

Enjoying life as a digital nomad on Cayman is now easier thanks to their new digital nomad visa, designed specifically with remote workers in mind. Allowing digital nomads to live and work for up to two years at a time on this idyllic tropical island paradise while diving or relaxing, Cayman also boasts numerous work-friendly amenities that cater to digital nomads’ lifestyle needs.

  • Prove employment/self-employment outside the Cayman Islands or have other means to support themselves without working locally
  • Pay an application fee of KYD 1,469 (approximately USD 1,800).
  • Complete and submit an online application form and all required documents.
  • Additionally, applicants must meet all the above requirements and present proof of criminal background check from their home country and proof of accommodation in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Islands internet access is among the fastest and most reliable in the Caribbean, boasting average download speeds of 60 Mbps. 98% of Cayman is covered by 4G LTE service for taking work with you while travelling; coworking spaces and cafes can be found all around Grand Cayman; coliving spaces also exist within Grand Cayman; plus there are various housing options ranging from beachfront villas to more budget-conscious apartments available to you.

For more info: Visa application

15. Dominica

nomad visa countries

This Caribbean nation provides an ideal setting for relaxation and rejuvenation, with stunning landscapes, gorgeous beaches, sun-kissed weather and abundant nature – making Dominica a fantastic travel destination.

Dominica offers an appealing tax regime. Digital nomads earning income online can take advantage of highly favourable tax rates here.

  • Be employed or self-employed outside Dominica with sufficient means of support without working here
  • Pay an application fee of USD 800
  • Complete and submit their online application form along with all necessary documents

If approved, a Dominica digital nomad visa allows its holders to live and work remotely in Dominica for up to 18 months; at expiration, this term can be renewed by another 18-month term.

For more info: dominica.gov.dm

16. Dubai

Due to rising costs associated with living and working remotely in popular tourist spots, digital nomads seek less expensive places to settle and conduct their remote business activities.

Dubai has become increasingly attractive as an option for digital nomads due to its many attractions, particularly tax-free income that attracts expats; additionally, no personal or corporate taxes exist within Dubai.

Renting an apartment in Dubai will cost approximately $1,500 monthly; dining out for two at an upscale restaurant will likely set you back an estimated $30.

  • Provide evidence of employment or business ownership
  • Pay an application fee of AED 650 (approximately USD 177)
  • Complete and submit an online application form and all required documents.

Apart from fulfilling the above criteria, applicants must also present evidence of a criminal background check from their home country and proof of accommodation in Dubai.

For more info: Dubai Visa

17. Georgia

Georgia stands out as an ideal location for digital nomads, offering many benefits such as entry visa on arrival and low living costs compared to other nations. Tbilisi boasts an active tech scene, while coworking spaces abound within Georgian borders.

Pay an Application Fee of 200 GEL (approximately USD 60).

Georgia stands out as an attractive digital nomad visa destination.

For more info: Visit Georgia

18. Germany

If you wish to work as a digital nomad in Germany, obtain the required permit from their government – a freelancer visa – to remain legally.

For Germany to grant them a freelancer visa, applicants must demonstrate they have a contract with an established client, health insurance, and enough funds available to them for financial support.

Once granted a freelancer visa in Germany, it entitles you to stay for a maximum of one year before renewing it annually, provided you remain contracted with an entity located there.

Germany is widely known to be accommodating of digital nomads, offering an appealing solution: the freelancer visa.

Application fee of EUR110 (approximately USD 130).

For more info: Germany Visa

19. Greece

Greece provides digital nomad visas that permit individuals to reside and work in its territory for up to one year at any given time, with no restrictions placed upon renewal.

To enter any EU country legally, individuals must possess both a valid passport and a residence permit or visa. It is also mandatory that all individuals have an active health insurance policy that meets European Union criteria and supporting documents like bank statements or employment contracts.

Greece is an idyllic destination, boasting centuries of history and culture with beautiful scenery and activities perfect for digital nomads with limited budgets.

The climate is mild while food options range from healthy dishes to affordable gourmet dining experiences; digital nomads should consider Greece when considering travel destinations!

For more info: Greece Visa Info

20. Iceland

how to get digital nomad visa

With its stunning glaciers, mountains and volcanoes beckoning digital nomads alike to its shores, Iceland makes an attractive choice for digital nomads seeking adventure – and most nationalities can gain visa-free entry and explore freely throughout its terrain.

Application fees total ISK 39,000 (roughly equivalent to USD 300).

Iceland provides much for digital nomads looking for an inspiring digital nomad destination. Thanks to high-speed internet and excellent mobile phone coverage, remaining productive will be easy, while coworking spaces and cafes provide networking opportunities among like-minded individuals.

Iceland can be an eye-opening experience if you’re used to warmer climates, but with so much to see and do in Iceland, you will stay energized quickly!

An Iceland digital nomad visa entitles its holder to live and work remotely for up to six months in Iceland without having to extend it after its initial term has ended. While the visa cannot be extended after expiry, applicants can reapply once it has expired.

For more info: goverment.Is

21. Indonesia

Indonesia provides foreign nationals with a digital nomad visa, which entitles them to live and work in Indonesia for up to one year, providing they have at least $2,500 monthly earned outside Indonesia or make enough self-employed to apply; applicants must possess valid passports as well as health insurance policies before being considered for this type of visa application.

Bali is one of the best known digital nomad work city.

This visa permits an applicant to reside for no more than a maximum stay of one year and work both for themselves or through an overseas company. Application processes should be straightforward, and securing one should take little time.

The following documents must be presented to apply for a digital nomad visa in Indonesia.

Completed the Visa Application Form.

  • To assist immigration purposes, submit a passport-sized photo, copy of your passport and letter from your employer outlining your job title and salary as part of your application package for immigration purposes.
  • Evidence of funds must be presented. A bank or financial statement would serve as sufficient proof.
  • Your statement detailing why and how you wish to settle and work in Indonesia

Indonesia provides the ideal tropical paradise setting to begin and sustain digital nomad life and work. Indonesia offers flexible visa requirements and low living costs and an enriching living and working experience.

For more info: Bali

22. Ireland

Ireland possesses one of the most accessible visa application processes on the market with their Digital Nomad Visa Application Process, offering eligible foreign nationals up to 12 months of residency (extendable up to another 12 months if needed) on Irish soil.

Digital nomads, remote workers and freelancers who operate online businesses may qualify for this visa. To do so,

  • Applicants should present a valid passport
  • Proof of sufficient funds and either an onward travel ticket or return travel ticket
  • Evidence of eligibility and provide evidence such as websites or portfolios of their work online to prove eligibility for consideration.

Digital nomad visa applications can be completed entirely online and should take just 10 working days from start to finish after submitting all of their required documents and fees. A decision regarding their journey into Ireland and all it offers should follow within this time.

For more info: Ireland

23. Italy

When planning on living and working as a digital nomad in Italy, an appropriate visa may be needed to legally reside and conduct your digital nomad lifestyle there. There may also be eligibility criteria you need to fulfil before being awarded such an authorization.

  • It is necessary to possess a valid passport.
  • Additionally, you will require proof that there is enough money available in Italy during your stay to support yourself financially and support any criminal records that might exist, as well as proof that valid health insurance policy coverage exists for you and/or family members that reside abroad.
  • Also, proof must show valid health coverage under any policies offered.
  • Your current or previous employer should submit a reference letter on your behalf.

If you meet all requirements, starting the application process for a digital nomad visa involves filling out an online application and being invited for an interview by authorities. An interview date will then be set.

At your interview, you will be asked about your work experience, education and plans for living and working in Italy. Once approved for citizenship status, a digital nomad visa will be issued to you.

Your digital nomad visa should be renewed annually in Italy; if your stay extends beyond one year, an application for long-term residency should instead be submitted.

For more info: Italy Visa

24. Jamaica

Jamaica doesn’t issue digital nomad visas; however, there are other methods digital nomads can use to legally reside and work within its borders as digital nomads. One is applying online for work permits through Jamaica’s government website; doing so would ensure your presence as an expat digital nomad remains legal within Jamaica’s borders.

To obtain a work permit in Jamaica, first secure employment from a Jamaican employer and accept their offer of employment. When your offer has been accepted, apply online for your work permit – this takes several weeks with fees payable upon approval; once in possession, up to six months may pass before leaving Jamaica!

If your planned stay exceeds six months in Jamaica, applying for a residence permit should be your top priority. To do this, employment with an established Jamaican employer and passing an intensive background check are vital parts of this process; once approved, you may spend up to two years living under its authority.

Jamaica offers digital nomads a prime location with ideal weather, stunning beaches and welcoming people – and several coworking spaces throughout Jamaica offer services at reasonable living costs.

For more info: Jamaica Nomad Visa

25. Latvia

Latvia has long been considered an exceptional digital nomad visa country; their remarkable e-residency program makes life and working remotely possible without residency requirements – all you need to do is apply from anywhere around the globe for an e-residency ID card!

Once you’ve obtained an e-residency, the next step should be applying for a digital nomad visa – an innovative permit enabling up to one year’s stay and work in Latvia without traditional visa requirements – perfect for entrepreneurs and freelancers looking forward to enjoying EU living hassle-free!

  • To apply for an e-Residency in Latvia,
  • you will require a valid passport and be aged at least 18.
  • you can submit an online application for an e-residency visa.

The application process for a digital nomad visa is similar to applying for an e-residency application

You will fill out an online application, pay an associated fee and show evidence of sufficient funds and healthcare coverage before receiving approval of your application. When this occurs, you’ll get your digital nomad visa valid for one year’s stay and work in Latvia!

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For more info: Lativia Nomad Visa

26. Lithuania

Lithuania offers an active startup scene and numerous coworking spaces that make for the perfect setting to meet other digital nomads while working on your business.

Start your application for a digital nomad visa in Lithuania by collecting all necessary documents.

  • A passport valid for at least six months
  • a Letter of invitation from a Lithuanian company
  • proof of health insurance
  • A bank statement showing sufficient funds for living costs during your visit, are all requirements to enter Lithuania legally and stay for more than six months.

Once you have all the required documents, submitting an online visa application should be fast and effortless – you should receive your visa within weeks!

For more info: Lithuania visa

27. Malaysia

Malaysia is an extraordinary location offering digital nomad visa applications to those wishing to live and work there for at least one year.

This visa is renewable without restrictions on what kind of work can be undertaken.

  • Applying for a digital nomad visa can be easy. Applicants need only submit an application form, passport-sized photo and CV as part of the process.
  • For foreign nationals to enter and work legally in Malaysia, they must present evidence of their finances as well as intent. The visa fee has been set at RM100 (approx. US$25).
  • Once approved, applicants will be issued a visa sticker, which should be attached to their passports.
  • This visa allows holders to visit Malaysia up to once annually during this period, returning as often as needed within that span.

Malaysia provides an ideal backdrop for digital nomads looking to explore all the nation offers with its flexible work visa that doesn’t restrict how work should or must be conducted, providing digital nomads an ideal location.

For more info: Malaysia visa

28. Malta

internet nomad jobs

Malta stands out as an appealing European destination for digital nomads with multiple visa options designed for them. One such visa, the Malta Digital Nomad Visa, offers many advantages that make this destination alluring: one year stay plus an optional extension of up to two more years are just some examples!

Eligible for the Malta Digital Nomad Visa:

  • You should provide several documents, such as your CV and personal statement.
  • In addition, evidence of digital nomadism, such as blogs or websites, must also be submitted as evidence.
  • Finally, proof that you possess adequate health insurance should also be included with these submissions as supporting documentation.
  • Once approved, a Maltese ID card will be given, allowing you to live and work in Malta for one year.

Malta provides you with an idyllic and welcoming country to call home, so if you’re searching for somewhere peaceful yet welcoming to live, make Malta your next stop.

For more info: Malta Visa

29. Mauritius

Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean, is famed for its beaches, lagoons and reefs, as well as being an alluring tourist destination with excellent Infrastructure for tourism.

Additionally, Mauritius boasts an attractive national identity that attracts many visitors each year.

Submitting an application for a visa is straightforward and effortless.

  • Applicants must provide basic details like their name, date of birth, country of citizenship and contact information, and evidence of employment/self-employment and health insurance proof.
  • Applying for a digital nomad visa in Mauritius requires no fees; applying is completely tax-exempt!
  • Mauritius offers digital nomad visas, valid for one year and renewable once.

When their existing visa has expired, digital nomads must depart before applying again for one.

For more info: Mauritius Visa

30. Mexico

Mexico provides digital nomads looking to relocate and live an itinerant lifestyle with ample opportunity. Mexico boasts well-developed remote work infrastructure, low living costs and abundant natural beauty, making it desirable for digital nomads seeking temporary residence.

  • Your passport and evidence of employment or self-employment, including contracts/payslips must also be presented,
  • as well as bank statements showing proof of income
  • any documents showing proof of health insurance/residency permits (if needed).
  • Before receiving your temporary residence permit, payment between $150 and 350$ must be made.

Apply for your digital nomad visa early as the process can take several weeks, giving you time for completion before travelling dates are scheduled.

For more info: Mexico Visa Requirement

31. Montserrat

Montserrat in the Caribbean Sea boasts just over 5,000 inhabitants. Famous for its volcanic activity – especially Soufriere Hills Volcano, which has erupted multiple times – Montserrat provides digital nomads and remote workers looking for something different in an excellent location.

To be considered eligible for a visa, applicants must meet specific criteria:

  • Citizens from countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program can obtain travel documentation.
  • Employed or secured an offer of employment outside Montserrat can apply for it
  • Hold a valid passport. Have sufficient financial resources in Montserrat during their stay

Are You Applying for a Visa to Montserrat? Visit Our Department of Immigration Website For Further Details And An Easier Application Process!

For more info: Montserrat Visa

32. Netherlands

The Netherlands offers the ideal setting for digital nomads, from its high quality of life and relaxed environment to numerous job opportunities across its borders. If you plan to live and work here as a digital nomad, getting a digital visa may be your ticket to life abroad!

Visa applicants of all nationalities are welcomed without needing an offer or commitment of employment to submit an application.

To apply for a digital nomad visa in the Netherlands, you’ll require a valid passport, travel insurance policy and letter from your employer as proof.

Furthermore, sufficient funds should exist within your account to cover yourself during your time there.

An initial visa costs EUR 85; annual residency permits will incur a yearly charge of EUR 35.

For more info: Netherlands Visa for Nomads

33. Norway

Norway offers digital nomads an attractive location that boasts economic stability and high quality-of-life benefits; there are beautiful spaces within Norway to live and work and friendly locals who speak English widely among them.

Norway provides digital nomads with a visa tailored specifically to their needs, which permits them to live and work in Norway for one year without needing a work permit – at just NOK 4,490 (USD 500); this can easily be applied online.

Norway stands out as an attractive digital nomad destination due to its relaxed visa requirements, efficient visa process, and special digital nomad visas, such as the Schengen visa that enables stays up to 90 days.

For more info: Norway Digital Nomad Visa

34. Panama

The Republic of Panama offers digital nomad visas called Panama Friendly Nations Visas that enable citizens of select friendly nations to reside and work within its borders for up to two years without facing restrictions or visa renewal fees.

  • Andorra welcomes applicants from countries including Australia, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador and Finland; such countries include Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands New Zealand Norway Pole San Marino Singapore Slovenia South Korea Spain Switzerlnd Switzerland Taiwan United Kingdom Uruguay United States.
  • Proof of Economic Solvency must be presented, such as bank statements or letters from an employer.
  • Health coverage lasting at least six months and no criminal convictions on record is also essential.

For more info: Panama Visa

35. Myanmar

Digital Nomad Visa Fee in Myanmar: Myanmar provides one of the most cost-effective visa solutions for digital nomads looking to live and work abroad at only $49!

Peru offers several long-term visa options that are great for digital nomads wishing to establish themselves for extended stays, with a Business visa being the go-to solution (up to one year in this instance).

Digital nomads seeking a Business Visa must submit various documents,

  • including an invitation letter from a Peruvian company,
  • a business plan and proof of financial solvency.
  • Once granted, digital nomads can stay for one year, with possible extensions granted based on need.
  • Peru Digital Nomad Visa costs just USD 160 and allows for stays of one year while working online and travelling within its boundaries. It allows for work-from-anywhere working opportunities along with local travel opportunities.

Peru is becoming an increasingly attractive choice for digital nomads, and it is easy to see why. From flexible visa requirements allowing extended stays to its evolving Infrastructure and amenities, Peru provides the ideal setting for digital nomads looking for long-term destinations.

For more info: Myanmar Visa

36. Portugal

best nomad locations

Portugal recently unveiled their Digital Nomad Visa, tailored specifically for freelancers and digital nomads looking to stay and work in Portugal for up to five years at once.

Officially known as Portugal Temporary Stay Visa (PTSV), digital nomads may live and work online in Portugal for one or multiple years.

Your documents must provide evidence to show you can support yourself while living in Portugal, such as health insurance documents or evidence that digital nomad activities such as remote working, online teaching, freelancing or self-employment exist in Portugal.

Finance-wise, digital nomads face unique difficulties. You must demonstrate that they earned at least EUR2,800 monthly over three months preceding their application (four times greater than minimum wage).

This visa allows non-Europeans who wish to extend their visit beyond what a tourist permit allows without going through all the bureaucratic processes necessary for permanent residency.

For more info: Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

37. Romania

Romania offers digital nomads many attractive opportunities, and their digital nomad visa is an ideal means of living and working there.

Romania offers digital nomads a one-year visa that may be renewed up to 5 years, providing no restrictions or time limitations regarding where or when they work.

To be eligible for the Romanian digital nomad visa, applicants must:

  • Be a citizen of one of the countries belonging to the European Union, European Economic Area, or Swiss Confederation.
  • Make sure you are covered by at least temporary health insurance in Romania.
  • Have access to sufficient financial means while visiting Romania.
  • At least 18 years old and be able to present proof that they qualify as digital nomads (such as letters from former employers or contracts of employment).

For more info: Romania Visa

38. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis provides digital nomads with several visa options, with its Entrepreneur Visa particularly advantageous.

This visa entitles digital nomads to stay for two years, provided a minimum investment of $200,000 has been made into an enterprise located on Saint Kitts or Nevis.

  1. Initial steps could involve applying for a standard work permit through the government website; you’ll require an offer letter from an established local firm to be successful with this plan.
  2. Apply for a Resident Permit as the second option – although this process takes more time, granting access to Saint Kitts and Nevis for extended stays. Visit the government’s website for details about applying.

Saint Kitts and Nevis is known for its picturesque beaches, tropical climate, and relaxed way of life. This island nation also provides businesses and entrepreneurs with various tax incentives, making for an ideal working environment.

For more info: Saint Kitts and Nevis Visa

39. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia offers digital nomads an efficient visa process and abundant opportunities for work and play.

As your initial step to applying for a digital nomad visa in Saint Lucia, submit an online application – it should take just minutes. It will result in a decision within 48 hours!

Once approved for a digital nomad visa in Saint Lucia, an application fee of USD 2,500 will cover its expenses and grant access to its benefits and amenities.

Holding a digital nomad visa in Saint Lucia has multiple benefits. Some advantages may include:

Accessing world-class coworking spaces – Discounted accommodation and transportation services. Plus, exclusive events and networking opportunities!

Saint Lucia offers an easy digital nomad visa process and plenty of opportunities for work and play – it could be exactly what you are searching for!

For more info: Saint Lucia Visa Requirement

40. Serbia

Serbia offers digital nomad visas, which enable residents and workers to reside and work within its borders for one year at the cost of EUR290 each; there are no limitations as regards length of stay or type of work permitted within Serbia; overall, the system is flexible and relatively straightforward when it comes to acquiring these permits.

  • Health coverage must be extended for their entire stay in Canada.
  • Digital nomads in Serbia must present proof of accommodation by renting an apartment or staying in a hotel.

Digital nomads who satisfy all requirements of obtaining their visa will receive an initial one-year stay, with possible extensions.

Once in Serbia, digital nomads may work remotely for any employer both inside or outside Serbia and travel freely, exploring all it offers.

For more info: Serbia Visa Application for Nomads

41. Slovenia

Slovakia-like country Slovenia sits at the crossroads of Central Europe, surrounded by Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. It boasts nearly two million people living within its boundaries, with Ljubljana as its capital city. Slovenia holds both European Union membership as well as Schengen Area membership status.

Slovenia introduced its digital nomad visa to attract foreign entrepreneurs and workers this year, permitting those granted it to reside and work there for up to 12 months at any one time.

  • To be considered eligible for a digital nomad visa,
  • Applicants must present valid identification documents such as their passport.
  • Health insurance policy and income proof documentation – in addition to being at least 18 years old with no criminal past history records.
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Slovenia offers digital nomads the ideal location, from breathtaking landscapes and delectable cuisine to friendly people and an active startup scene. Everything they could ask for and more awaits digital nomads here, making Slovenia an excellent choice.

Slovenia offers digital nomad visas that make living there attractive as an appealing prospect.

For more info: Slovenia Visa

42. Spain

Spain provides visitors an ideal way to explore its beautiful culture while earning income by working and making money while visiting. A Spanish digital nomad visa gives visitors access to their country with validity lasting up to 5 years!

Candidates applying for a digital nomad visa in Spain must fulfil certain requirements:

Be a citizen of one of the Schengen countries or possess an official Schengen visa; then obtain and maintain a valid passport containing comprehensive health care coverage and sufficient funds.

If you fulfil all these criteria, apply for the Spain Digital Nomad visa and extend up to 12 Months (which could potentially extend up to 5 Years if necessary) of stay.

For more info: Spain Digital Nomad Visa

43. Thailand

digital nomad visa location

Thailand, situated in Southeast Asia, has long been popular among digital nomads and expatriates looking for adventure. This magical country will surprise anyone visiting by offering tropical jungles and vibrant metropolises.

Thailand recently unveiled their Smart Visa to attract highly skilled workers, investors and startup entrepreneurs interested in engaging certain industries within Thailand to work or invest there for up to four years at once. Furthermore, this visa grants up to a year’s stay.

Professional requirements to secure employment in Thailand typically involve earning at least $80,000 annually or working there for two years (with some exceptions possible), possessing five years’ experience, and working for an organization which generated at least $150 Million over three years in revenues.

For more info: Thailand Digital Nomad Visa

44. Turkey

Turkey provides an annual digital nomad visa at a cost of $350 that allows remote working from within its boundaries. While no specific requirements must be fulfilled when applying, please bring documents like passport or insurance proof when filing applications.

Digital nomads travelling up to 90 days without needing a visa may enter and remain without incident; European passport holders don’t require one, while Canadians and Americans may submit an electronic application for one. While no specific digital nomad visa exists within Turkey, digital nomads still have access to various residence permits they can obtain throughout their visit.

  • Applications must be at least 18 years of age
  • possess a passport valid for at least six months;
  • be free from criminal convictions
  • hold valid health insurance in Turkey
  • have secured employment through an offer letter with a Turkish company along with access to their bank accounts in Turkey.

Turkish authorities recently unveiled the “turquoise card.” This visa permits foreigners living and working temporarily in Turkey to legally live and work there for up to one year, making it ideal for digital nomads and workers.

Digital nomads who plan on staying longer than one year may wish to apply for the Turkish Residence Permit; this permits them to remain for five years while freelancing with any employer of their choosing while living there.

For more info: Digital Nomad Visa for Turkey

45. United Arab Emirates

Over time, UAE has emerged as an attractive location for digital nomads – providing a high quality of life at low costs and easy travel access worldwide.

UAE authorities have made steps toward becoming more accommodating for digital nomads and will offer an exclusive visa program specifically for digital nomads by 2023.

Digital nomad visas are open to citizens from any nation and allow digital nomads from all fields of endeavour; they do not restrict what kind of work can be undertaken while on them; however, at least $5,000 health insurance coverage must be maintained during one’s stay in UAE.

UAE has already proven an appealing location for digital nomads; their recently unveiled visa program should make this even more so.

For more Info: UAE Visa program

46. United Kingdom

Starting April 2023, the UK will offer digital nomad visas allowing individuals to work there for up to two years, with possible extensions, costing British Pound 363 each time an extension request is filed; these visas will only be accessible to citizens from Europe Union countries as well as Canada Australia New Zealand respectively and cost British Pound 363 each time one of them needs renewing.

If you intend on working longer than six months in the UK, in addition to applying for a Tier 5 (Temporary Worker- Creative and Sports) visa (which costs British Pound 244, lasts two years and costs British Pound 1440).

Digital Nomad visas provide an ideal solution to those wishing to temporarily work and study in the UK, such as working remotely for an established UK firm or attending university classes there.

For more info: UK Visa Program for Digital Nomads

47. Uruguay

Uruguay offers digital nomads an attractive visa that permits them to live and work there for two years without incurring penalties for living there or conducting work there.

Uruguay requires digital nomad visa applicants to present valid documentation such as their passport, return ticket, proof of financial solvency, and health coverage that extends throughout their time in Uruguay.

Uruguay has long been considered an attractive location for digital nomads due to its affordable cost of living, idyllic beaches and laidback lifestyle. Furthermore, digital nomads prioritize safety as a key component when selecting destinations to pursue digital nomad careers.

For more info: Uruguay Visa

48. Vanuatu

Vanuatu provides digital nomads an ideal location to live and work as digital nomads, meeting all criteria required to secure an approved digital nomad visa:

Individuals aged 18 from UN member nations with no criminal histories and who reside within Vermont Territory (VT) should present a valid passport, proof of health insurance coverage and onward ticket as part of an application fee of 5,000 Vermont Territorial units (4.38 USD).

If you fulfil all the above requirements, apply for a digital nomad visa through Vanuatu’s Department of Immigration. Once you arrive in Vanuatu, you must also pay airport and visa fees when checking in at airports.

For more info: Vanuatu Visa

49. Vietnam

Vietnam offers an attractive digital nomad visa, which grants foreign nationals many incentives to work remotely for up to 12 months, with possible extension up to another 12 months if desired. Visitors can remain for this time, but additional applications for extensions may be approved depending on individual cases.

The requirements for applying for the Vietnam Digital Nomad Visa include these criteria:

  • Applicants must be 18 or over.
  • Hold an expired passport with at least six months until its expiration (prove health insurance coverage in Vietnam ).
  • To demonstrate financial capability, present documents like bank statements evidencing at least USD 1,000 monthly income, letters from employers outlining salary and benefits packages as evidence, and letters from organizations.
  • show your ability by including evidence from potential employers/organizations contacts.   

Overall, the Vietnam Digital Nomad Visa provides foreign nationals looking to work remotely from Vietnam a flexible solution without minimum stay requirements or employer restrictions – though certain considerations, such as not bringing dependent children and potential tax issues when working through Vietnamese companies, must be kept in mind when making decisions on where and whom to work for.

For more info: Vietnam Nomad Visa

50. Cyprus

The Cyprus digital nomad visa is an innovative new program that permits digital nomads to reside and work for up to one year in Cyprus, offering several advantages such as low costs of living, excellent quality of life and easy access to Europe.

In order to be eligible for the Cyprus digital nomad visa, certain criteria must be fulfilled. You must be non-EU citizen able to work remotely with a minimum monthly income of EUR2,500 and valid health insurance, and possessing no criminal records.

Once approved for a visa, you will be allowed to reside and work in Cyprus for up to one year without needing a work permit or paying income tax in Cyprus; however, social insurance contributions will still apply.

Cyprus offers digital nomads an ideal home base, boasting low costs of living, an excellent climate and fantastic climate conditions. Plus it has beautiful beaches, historic landmarks and delicious cuisine – ideal conditions for digital nomads seeking their next destination!

If you are seeking to obtain a digital nomad visa in Cyprus, apply through the Civil Registry and Migration Department’s online system. The application process should be straightforward and you should hear back within a few weeks.

Keep in mind that requirements and conditions vary widely between countries when applying for digital nomad visas; to increase your chance of approval, it’s crucial that you conduct extensive research before filing applications.

For more info: Cyprus Visa

Eligibility Criteria for Digital Nomad Visas

Are You Seeking a Digital Nomad Visa? Certain eligibility requirements must be fulfilled to apply for one in any given country, though each nation may differ slightly. There are, however, common standards shared across borders.

1. Proof of Income

One of the key eligibility requirements for digital nomad visas is proof of income. Most countries require that applicants demonstrate they have sufficient means of supporting themselves while living and working abroad, which could come in employment offer letters, freelance contracts or proof of savings accounts.

Many countries require digital nomads to purchase health insurance while working and living there to guarantee access to medical treatment while you reside and work there. Some require local plans; others accept international policies.

2. Criminal Record

Some countries require you to undergo a criminal record check as part of their visa eligibility criteria to make sure there are no issues which would prevent you from qualifying. Requirements vary by country, so these checks should only be undertaken with proper research conducted first and then approval granted from them.

3. Age Requirements

Some countries impose age requirements when issuing digital nomad visas; for instance, some nations only grant digital nomad visas to individuals below a specific age threshold, such as 35-40.

Other Requirements Some countries may impose additional eligibility criteria that you must fulfil, ranging from minimum levels of education or work experience required to specific age requirements for applicants.

Benefits of Digital Nomad Visas (DNV)

Digital Nomad Visas provide numerous advantages to those wishing to work and travel simultaneously, including these benefits:

1. Work From Anywhere

Digital Nomad Visas allow you to work from virtually anywhere around the globe as long as there is access to reliable internet connectivity – meaning you can travel across countries while experiencing new cultures and earning an income simultaneously!

2. Extended Stays

With a Digital Nomad Visa, you can reside in one country for extended stays – usually up to 12 months at once – which enables you to fully immerse yourself into local culture, learn the local language and meet like-minded individuals in-country.

3. Access to Local Services

Digital Nomad visas often come with extra perks that make life easier in their new country, including access to healthcare, banking and transportation services. This makes settling in easier.

4. Increased Productivity

Working from different environments can increase both productivity and creativity, offering new perspectives that spark your imagination and help create more work completion. With Digital Nomad Visas, you can access inspiring locations such as beaches or mountain cabins where working can become an incredible source of motivation to get more done in less time.

5. Financial Benefits

Digital Nomad Visas offer you financial savings, too, as they allow you to choose to live in countries with lower living costs – helping your budget to stretch further while living an enhanced and comfortable life remotely working.

Overall, Digital Nomad visas provide an outstanding opportunity to work and travel the globe while taking advantage of all its associated perks.

When applying for a digital nomad visa, it’s crucial to research eligibility criteria in each country you plan to visit and live and work as a digital nomad in that destination. By fulfilling all necessary criteria, you will take one step closer towards living your ideal digital nomad lifestyle!

Digital Nomad Visas in the Future

As globalization and remote work become more mainstream, digital nomad visas will likely increase. Already, many countries have implemented such visas; more are likely to follow soon after.

An anticipated trend involves more countries providing longer-term digital nomad visas. While current digital nomad visas only last several months, as remote work becomes more mainstream, more nations are expected to grant longer visas of at least 12 months.

One trend we may witness soon is more countries offering digital nomad visas tailored specifically for certain industries, for instance, those working in tech or creative arts. For example, these could include visas specific to these occupations.

As digital nomad visas gain more acceptance in more countries, we should expect more countries to provide additional perks – like access to coworking spaces or networking events – which help digital nomads feel connected and make transitioning easier.

Overall, digital nomad visas look promising, with more countries realizing the benefit of remote workers to their economies. If you are a digital nomad considering living and working remotely abroad for some time, stay abreast of developments in this space to identify which nations might provide optimal conditions.

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