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How To Cook Bacon and Eggs at Camping?

How To Cook Bacon and Eggs at Camping

Ready for something a bit unconventional? Let’s mix it up this weekend with a like-new meal if you’re up for it. Whip it up over a nice campfire, and you’ll not only impress your buddies–you’ll have a zero-mess dinner with zero cleanups (eat right out of the bag!). So we have a great guide on How To Cook Bacon and Eggs on at Camping trip.

Although the paper might catch fire if you don’t go about this right, here’s what I do to prevent that: we make sure the paper is wet before cooking–here, bacon grease does the trick–but it does cause smoke with these two techniques: one for your campsite and one for your campsite.

This is the best breakfast recipe ever. It contains crispy bacon, two perfectly fried eggs, and hearty toast to soak up the yolk and keep you full for longer. This breakfast recipe hits all the marks!

What Do You Need?

All you need for a great bacon and eggs breakfast is a good nonstick skillet, a stovetop to place it on, and some small bowls or plates. If you want to add toast to your breakfast, an oven is the best thing to use. Make sure not to burn your bread!

  • Loaf Bread
  • Eggs a dozen
  • Bacon
  • Salt
  • Ground Pepper

How To Cook Bacon and Eggs at Camping?

To learn about How To Cook Bacon and Eggs with fewer resources, you need to ensure that place and environment are better to cook. Somewhere near the riverside would be a great idea.

1. Fry Your Bacon in a Skillet

how to Cook Bacon and Eggs

There are lots of ways to make bacon. We’ve tried cooking it in the oven, broiler, and on my grill – but the best way to cook it is the old-fashioned way: In a skillet over medium heat so that I may render its fat, which makes an excellent basting sauce for my favourite breakfast dish… scrambled eggs with melted cheese.

When cooking bacon in a skillet, ensure not to overcrowd the pan. You always want to leave plenty of room between slices to get excellent ripple marks from each piece as it cooks. Since you don’t want to crowd your bacon in the pan, cook it over medium-high heat, and if needed, bring it up to medium heat if it tends to burn before its time if cooked at high heat!

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2. Keep the temperature lower when the bacon starts to Sizzle

If your bacon is spattering all over, the heat is too high. To avoid unwanted messes and grease splatters, be sure that you have a tight-fitting lid handy to cover any frying pans or skillets you may use.

Cook your bacon, turning it every few minutes until it reaches the crispiness you desire. Use paper towels to drain your bacon on a plate layered with these towels that will soak up any excess grease.

3. Now start frying your eggs

how to Cook Bacon and Eggs

Once the bacon is done, turn your heat down to medium-low. Don’t drain all the bacon fat; you’ll fry your eggs. Keep a bowl of bacon fat in your mini cooler to have enough for when you fry up your eggs; about a quarter inch of fat should remain in the pan once cooked.

Use a slotted spatula to remove the eggs from the pan and then blot each egg with a paper towel before putting it on the plate; this way, very little residual fat will be served with the eggs.

4. Toast your bread

how to Cook Bacon and Eggs

You are in camping now; most of you brought a loaf of bread while backpacking. So if you have bread, you can Toast it in the same bacon fry pan. The grease in the pan will give a juicy and oily taste that you can enjoy the perfect breakfast on your camping trip.

5. Cook Your Eggs with Bacon Fat

Crack your eggs and place them in the pan. Set the heat to low or medium and allow the eggs to cook for about a minute or until you start basting the top with all of the yummy bacon fat, scooping up some of that goodness and starting to coat each eggy yolk lightly.

After about three minutes, the eggs should look done. The whites of the eggs will be firm, and the yolks will look partially cooked.

6. Time to serve

how to Cook Bacon and Eggs

Melt butter over medium heat. Place eggs on a plate, and sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper. Place 2 slices of buttered toast and four bacon strips next to the eggs on the plate. Serve hot…and enjoy!


Bacon and eggs are the best camping food idea to try. They are very simple, healthy and boost your day with positivity.

Let us know your how to cook bacon and eggs ideas if you have any in the comments.

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