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8 Must-Have Emergency Flood Survival Kits For Everyone

Must-Have Emergency Flood Survival Kits

Being exposed to flooding means being prepared. An Emergency Flood Survival Kit could make all the difference during an emergency like this one; here are five items you should include in your flood safety kit.

Best Emergency Flood Survival Kits

1. Flashlight

Emergency Flood Survival Kits

A flashlight should always be part of any emergency kit; whether power outages or natural disasters. Light will help illuminate where you need to go and see what is going on around you, giving a clear idea of your surroundings and where help should come from. With many types of flashlights to choose from, finding one suitable to your particular needs might prove challenging; one such emergency flood survival kit offers help at any time of crisis.

An ultralight flashlight like the Streamlight Microstream can easily fit in clothing pockets or clips for easy carry, providing long battery life so it won’t die at the most inconvenient moment. Solar powered or rechargeable waterproof flashlights offer optimal battery performance for extended illumination needs.

2. Portable Water Container

flood survival kits

An essential portable water container that holds at least one gallon is necessary for survival, providing enough to last you several days of travel. Find something lightweight like the Nalgene bottle to carry with you easily.

Make sure that the container features insulation on its outside, such as an Igloo cooler, to help extend its ability to keep water chilled longer. Furthermore, try finding something with a wide opening so it is easier to fill and more comfortable for drinking from.

3. Personalized First Aid Kit

flood survival tips

Your first aid kit should be tailored specifically to you and the location of your home, but some essentials include adhesive bandages, over-the-counter pain relievers, antihistamines, sunburn lotion, antacids, cough drops or throat lozenges.

An emergency contact list containing names and numbers of family and friends living nearby should also be kept at hand, along with medications. You should also consider keeping extra batteries for flashlights handy as well as battery-powered radios equipped with NOAA weather alerts in case the lights suddenly go out during an outage.

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 4. Cell Phone Charger

No matter how hard we try not to think about it, one day there will come a flood and power is out, disrupting communications between phone users. An emergency cell phone charger should always be included as most people depend on them these days for survival and communication purposes.

Phone chargers are compact and lightweight devices that won’t take up too much room in your kit. In fact, some models include solar-powered battery packs which could come in very handy should the power cut out after an outage has occurred.

5. Waterproof bags

Must-Have Emergency Flood Survival Kits

In an emergency such as flooding, one of your main priorities should be finding dry and safe places to live. Therefore it’s advisable to always keep an emergency preparedness kit stocked at home; such a kit should contain nonperishable food items, bottled water, flashlights and radios among other supplies.

Plastic sheeting and duct tape may come in handy during flooding situations; waterproof bags offer the ideal means of storage when needing something dry; you should also pack extra clothing and toiletries should it become necessary.

6. Life-saving items

Emergency Flood Survival Kits

Make sure your emergency survival kit contains at least a retractable fire escape ladder; this could come in handy should you get stuck. Believe it or not, Lizard Tail Belts could come in handy too as a makeshift rope solution; just tie one around each member of your family so they won’t become separated in an emergency situation.

Life jackets should also be an absolute priority if you have small children, to help ensure they remain above water should any disaster strike. Life vests should also be donned immediately in an emergency to assist their survival in an unsafe flood environment.


Preparing ahead of time is the key to staying safe during a flood. By stocking up with necessary tools and supplies, as well as creating family emergency plans in areas prone to flooding, it will allow you to stay protected should disaster strike! After all, waiting may make planning impossible!

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