How Long To Cook A Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most delicious dishes I have ever come across. So, How Long To Cook A Turkey?, its a head scratching question for most of us.If you are fond of them just like me then this article is only for you. People often eat turkey dishes from restaurants. Well, they do taste good but there is nothing best than what you cook from home, its a perfect thanksgiving turkey recipe on this day. Do you agree with this? Rather than spending all your money on that little dish that is been served out, you can enjoy more at your home with your family.

46 million turkeys are eaten each Thanksgiving, 22 million on Christmas and 19 million turkeys on Easter. 

So, when you cook a turkey, there is one common question with which people often get confused with. The question is how long to cook a turkey. Am I right? Well, you don’t want your favorite dish to be overcooked. Hence, you have to cook turkey at right temperature so that it makes someone go umm… with every bite he or she eats. Now, let me explain with the frequently asked question how long to cook a turkey. Read on.

How Long To Cook A Turkey?

Let me begin by asking you the same question again — How long does it take to cook a turkey? Any idea? Well, if you do not have any clues on it, read my below section.

The cooking time of the turkey will vary based on the turkey weight.

Turkey Cooking and Serving Size Chart

No of people to be servedWeightCold Water (Hrs)Fridge (Hrs)Cooking Time (Hrs)
4 to 6(2.25 kg) / 5 pounds10201 1/2
6 to 8(3.6 kg) / 8 pounds16202 1/2
8 to 10(4.5 to 6 kg) / 10 to 13 pounds1922 to 243 to 3 1/2
10 to 12(6.75 kg) / 15 pounds3024 to 284 1/2
12 to 15(9 kg) / 20 pounds3940 to 486

Here I listed you the time taken to cook the stuffed and unstuffed turkey.

Time Taken To Cook Stuffed Turkey

How Long To Cook A Turkey - stuffed turkey
Weight of Turkey Time taken in hours
Six to Eight Pounds3 to  3 ½ hours
Eight to Twelve Pounds3 ½  to 4 ½ hours
Twelve to Sixteen Pounds4 ½ to 5 ½ hours
Sixteen to Twenty Pounds5 ½ to 6 hours
Twenty to Twenty Four Pounds6 to 6 ½ hours

Time Taken To Cook Unstuffed Turkey

How Long To Cook A Turkey - stuffed turkey
Weight of Turkey Time taken in hours
Six to Eight Pounds2 ½  to  3 hours
Eight to Twelve Pounds3   to 4  hours
Twelve to Sixteen Pounds4  to 5  hours
Sixteen to Twenty Pounds5 to 5 ½ hours
Twenty to Twenty Four Pounds5 ½  to 6  hours

The above chart will give an approximate idea on how long do you cook a turkey, the other factor that you consider while cooking is whether the turkey is frozen or fresh. They may also play a major role in cooking of turkey.

It is recommended to use the meat thermometer to measure doneness. For stuffed turkey, the cooking time can vary around 30 minutes based on the bird and oven. Check the dressing temperature by using meat thermometer. For food safety, it is recommended to ensure the dressing temperature up to 165 degree Fahrenheit. For unstuffed turkey, you can measure by placing the meat thermometer in any thickest part and make sure that it doesn’t touch any bone. Cook the turkey until the thermometer touches 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Benefits Of Turkey Meat

How Long To Cook A Turkey

Apart from the taste, Turkey is an excellent food that contains low fat. The following are some of the pros of Turkey Meat.

  • Turkey is rich in protein.
  • A usual turkey meat contains 30% dark meat and 70% white meat. The white meat is less in fat than the dark meat.
  • It is also a great source of niacin and vitamin B6, both are very fundamental for energy production of body.
  • Regular consumption of Turkey can aids to lower the cholesterol levels and it keeps the stability of insulin level.
  • Turkey includes amino acid tryptophan that produces serotonin and helps to strength the immune system.
  • Turkey also sources the selenium that is vital for the thyroid hormone metabolism. It also serves as antioxidant and enhances the immunity.

I hope you are satisfied with the answer given on how long to cook a turkey. We do value what you think, so if you have anything to express, feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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