How Long Does It Take To Paint A Room?

If you are here reading this article, then I am sure you must be excited to paint your house and give a fresh look soon. But how soon? Wondering how long does it take to paint a room? Then read the answer below.

How Long Does It Take To Paint A Room?

How Long Does It Take To Paint A Room

The time required to paint a room completely depends on how big it is and how much human resource you are using it to have the job done. Usually, a medium size bedroom, say about 12′ X 12′ takes 4 to 5 hours to have it neatly painted. And if you happen to make use of a roller brush, then you can paint those walls in an hour. Nevertheless, taping out the edges to avoid drips on ceiling and floors is sure to take few hours. And, painting the trims will take an additional hour or 2.

If It Is 1 Painter, Then How Long Does It Take To Paint The Rooms Of A House On Average?

Typically, an experienced painter will take 7 to 8 hours to paint a 14’ x 14’ room (with 1 coat) for the ceiling and (2 coats) for the walls, regardless there are no painting surfaces to be done.

Time Estimation To Paint A Room

If you are trying to estimate the time required for painting a room, then consider the things listed below. How fast a room can be neatly painted depends on different factors. You got to analyze various aspects prior defining the manpower to paint a specific room in the house.

1. How Big The Room Is?

It is understandable that a 10’ x 10’ room will be painted faster than painting a 20’ x 20’ drawing room. So, it all comes down to a room size. The bigger it is, more will be the time required to paint a room.

2. What Is The Surface Condition?

When it comes to how long does it take to paint a room, this tip is something you should make a note of. If walls or ceiling require repairing (before paint is applied), then the process takes more time. Moreover, depending on the kind of damage, there’s always this “drying time” for specific joint compounds which may differ from 10 minutes to over 2 hours.

3. Total Number Of Coatings You Are Going To Do

How Long Does It Take To Paint A Room

On primed surfaces or repainting projects, usually 2 paint coats must be applied onto the ceiling & walls. Preparation work, counting covering some furniture, floors and applying first paint coat takes more time. The actual time can’t be prorated. However, it still takes longer time to paint the walls of a room if one had to coat it twice.

4. The Kind Of Skills & Experience Painters Have

Professional painters don’t waste time. They do things fast and bring in effectiveness to the maximum. It isn’t a secret that homeowners can easily paint their kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. However, cutting lines, semi-gloss paint or rolling eggshell on walls & ceiling may take twice longer than the time spent by any professional on the same painting project.

5. Work Intricacy

Painting coffered, vaulted, cathedral or plate ceilings may be very time consuming. Plus, they are expensive too. So, when it comes to custom painting, there isn’t an accurate time for its completion.

6. Other Considerations

Paint’s drying time isn’t less significant part as the paint application itself. For well-ventilated rooms like the ones with 40% to 45% relative humidity & 68° F to 72° F temperature, 2nd water-based paint coat frequently can be applied onto freshly painted walls within 1.5 hours or even lesser. On the other hand, considering poor ventilation homes with high humidity & cold temperature, the drying time for every paint coat extends to 3 to 5 hours.

How To Quicken The Room Painting Process?

When you decide painting all your rooms in the house, the first move you take is this – Go to a nice grocery store and pick few related interior magazines. You come across some amazing articles written there, which says “A Complete House Makeover Within This Weekend”. You get inspired and start doing one. But ever thought about it wisely? It is worse, when you haven’t tried painting before. When you are half the way, you are sure to say — “Never again!” If you have fallen for that quick makeover thing and wondering what to do, then here are some tips to consider. It is important to prepare yourself before crack opening those paint cans.

5 Tips for Speed Your Painting Process

How Long Does It Take To Paint A Room

1. Come Up With A Proper Plan

Now, you seriously can’t just walk into a paint shop without having a plan in your hand. Unless you don’t know what color you are literally going to paint your rooms, what will you buy? You have to decide every little thing about room painting. Walls, ceilings, scuffed trims and so on. Figure out how much paint you require. Use’s calculator for this. It is truly helpful while planning a paint project. Just enter your room dimensions, number of windows and doors, the calculator gives you a result showing how much paint you require buying.

2. Avoid Buying Stuffs The Last Moment

After you properly planned how you are going to pain your home, the next step is to get your paint supplies. Buy them only when you have two days to have the room painted. Prepare a list of things you want. Not only paints & paintbrushes are required but also extension handle (for higher surfaces), roller cage, tarps, painter’s tape to cover your furniture as well as flooring. Don’t be running in the last moment for getting supplies you have missed. Keep everything ready.

3. Do All The Covering And Taping A Night Before

If you are well determined of paining your room the next morning, the consider covering your furniture and floors a night before so that thing seem easy while painting. It saves a lot of time. Painting a room hardly takes time. You will be surprised the kind of time it takes just to prepare a room!

4. Make Use Of Paint & Primer Products

If you are not going for a big color chance (say for example bright blue to fresh white), then consider using paint & primer products together. This saves you plenty of time.

5. Proper Tool Care

Mostly, you require applying 2 paint color coats so that the coverage & color saturation is much better. Single coat won’t do. And in between pain coats, consider wrapping your rollers and brushes using a plastic wrap. And if it’s going to be few hours in between the paint coats, place your wrapped rollers and brushes inside the freezer. The plastic cover prevents paint from drying & keeps you from washing + drying it.

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